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CoreCraft Network offers PVP based gamemodes that anyone can enjoy! Gamemodes: | OP Factions | OP Factions is an ultra OP factions server. It consists of stacked armor which allows for of stacked armor which allows for long lasting pvp battles. All enchants are buffed to be above normal vanilla enchants to contrast the OP armor. | Redstone PVP | Redstone is a pvp arena based game mode. Kill to gain gold to level up. Head to spawn to trade with the villagers for currency and gear An automated DP takes place once the server has 12 players online. So bring your friend along and enjoy! | SE Factions | SE Factions is a custom enchants server Level up through 8 ranks to unlock mobs to purchase enchants. Work on your own custom set of armor weapon to prepare for battle. | Skywars | Coming soon... | Kit PVP | Coming soon...

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CoreCraft IP8.26.94.81
Registration DateDecember 27, 2017
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Version 1.12
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