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We are a mature 16+ only community that is EULA compliant and has absolutely no Pay to Win features. We strive to provide the best community atmosphere possible. With our community chat and frequent server events, we keep everyone active and give everyone something to participate in. We understand how much time and effort our players put into building their creations on our server, and how devastating it can be to have them unfairly griefed or demolished. For this reason, we feature some of the best anti-grief plugins available. Any and all grief or raiding will undone, and PvP will be disabled. On top of that, chest, doors and horses are automatically protected under these systems. No need to worry about your build or any other progress being ruined by bad players.

Server Rules

  • Age 16+ only. No alt accounts.
  • No griefing. Period.
  • No harassment. Use common sense.
  • No chat spam. No caps. English only.
  • No excessive swearing or bad language.
  • Obey staff. Don't argue with them.
  • Don't ask for promotions, world edit, OP, or items from staff.
  • No farms greater than 100 entities.
  • No advertising in chat or PM's.
  • No mods (only Optifine is allowed).
  • No 1x1 holes/towers.
  • No player traps or killing machines.
  • No exploits (including top of nether).
  • No anti-afk machines, lag machines, automatic farms, or bud switches.

Malls Rules

  • Only one shop per player.
  • Only hatchling+ can buy a shop plot.
  • 10 item frame limit per shop.
  • Staff will break frames above the limit.
  • Entire shop forfeit if inactive 21+ days.
  • Post on Enjin forums if you will be away.
  • Shops with no items means eviction.
  • No refunds given for plot purchases.

Shops are privilege - not a right. By purchasing a shop you agree to all of the rules. Breaking rules may result in eviction.

The Mystic Chicken
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