DawnFire Realms: Vesperus

DawnFire Realms: Vesperus

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While the nations of Erebus recovered from the harsh era of stasis during the Age of Ice, Ceridwen answered Mulcarns appeal to the evil gods as he passed through her indefinite vault after his defeat by Kylorin. Determined to avenge her former protégé, she invoked a cataclysmic event, creating a inter-dimensional rift that partially absorbed Creation. 

Sentient souls are caught in this rift.

Eventually, substance taken from Erebus will form a reflection of Erebus, Vesperus. Dagda, guardian of the Compact, intervenes in this process by creating a separate vault, Nemesis, to salvage and protect what Ceridwen took from Creation. Some day the Rift will release all souls and they will be guided to Vesperus through Nemesis, and find their new mortal home.

Some may rise from the peoples that enter from The Rift who may wish to rebuild the shattered nations of Erebus they were forced to leave, or found completely new ones. Characters gain hardiness from levelling up, but lose hardiness at each knockout and from ageing. Characters eventually die when their hardiness drops below zero.

Features: Level up your character to tier 6 in both combat class and profession to become the most powerful, skilled and respected character on Vesperus. Races, combat classes and professions are managed through the use of the Heroes plugin. There are 31-38 combat classes per race, with some unique classes per race.

Use the strengths of your combat class and specialise your combat strategy. Establish a brewery, run an inn and get drunk with your fellow guild members. Or become a master of enchantment or the towns forges and make a fortune crafting valuable items that require very special skills. Explore creation in organised team reconnaissance missions to bring home the treasures of the most extreme ecosystems of Vesperus. A dedicated team plans and organises events, quests and dungeons. See you on DawnFire Realms!

Notable Plugins:

- Towny

- Heroes

- mcMMO

- Vampire

- Jouster

- Stables

- CustomEnchantments

- MagicSpells

- MoveCraft

- Courier

- CraftBook

- Gringotts

- Thirst

DawnFire Realms: Vesperus
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