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Economy PVP Survival MCMMO Community 

CapitalCraft is a mature, embracing community of friendly players and staff. We strive to promote a welcoming environment that is constantly reaching new members. We feature an economy fueled by player to player interaction in addition to a variety of other assets such as player shops, anti-grief, McMMO, and frequent community events such as PVP and Build Offs! Do we seem like the fit for you? Stop by as we have *no whitelist*! Part of what makes CapitalCraft different is the fact that everything you see on the server was made in survival Minecraft; everything was either mined by players or converted by McMMO. Not even moderators and owners have the ability to spawn in items. This type of server model is what facilitates our economy where precious resources such as diamonds and gold are worth the time it takes to find them. CapitalCraft promotes: - A mature environment FREE of griefing and spammers! - Staff that are available to assist with whatever problems may arise! - Players that are friendly and helpful to new members! - A large, 10000x10000 block map so that you're able to spread out! - Legit Minecraft experience! Plugins include: - McMMO - HyperConomy - DynMap (Live map of Minecraft world) - Residence (anti grief) - CoreProtect - WorldBorder

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Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged
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Version 1.12
TagsEconomy PVP Survival MCMMO Community 
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition