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xtré Survival (24/7)

xtré Survival (24/7)

Hey! Thank you for checking out my server. I have been running this server since 23-01-11 and other servers for other games since 2008. I own this server through a 24/7 server provider so you can expect the best of performance and game time around the clock! The basic rules are: No hacks, cheats or client mods that give you any advantages over other players. No pestering the admins unless its important. Be nice and read the full list of rules on the forums! The server has a very nice community and excellent building skills. We always keep the server on the latest CraftBukkit and always check for plugin updates so everything is up to date with the latest. We have many admins willing to help out if needed and some nice forums for all your posting and news needs. Please come check us out here ! Here is some info on what the server has to offer. No building restrictions! PVP is ON! TradeCraft with gold as the currency! Creative and more if requested for people who donate £5 or more! Space to build where ever you like! WorldGuard area protection on request for anyone! (Please note to use this sparingly) Multiple worlds to visit and stay if you like! Regular world saves and backup scripts so you don't lose your precious work! Efficient grief logger! A simple /help command that tells you all the available commands you can use. /home and /sethome ! Don't forget to sign up on the forums and make use of the helpful information they have to offer. All are welcome!

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xtré Survival (24/7)
Server Information
Registration DateDecember 27, 2017
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Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition