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Vivalgaming: Minevival is a dedicated 24 hour hosted premium minecraft server that has been built by the old Minevival team. The server is highly community focused, and covers the whole minecraft section in the Vivalgaming community.

The goal of Minevival is to build a strong community with players that enjoy socializing and playing minecraft with each other. Our staff team will not only ensure that youll have fun playing minecraft with awesome people, but they will also provide you with the best gameplay that you can possibly access! We can achieve these goals with our many special features, like custom built spawns and arenas, a plot system which is used to built a community spawn, McMMO to boost your regular survival experience, many plugins that are customly made for our server to provide a unique way of playing and much more other cool stuff!

Because Minevival values their community, the staff team will hold close bonds to the players itself. We will try to organize as much events as possible, and the community can make suggestion and vote about future ingame features!

Another aspect that Minevival values, is that we dont want our server to have a pay-to-win system. This is why all our donation ranks exists for the sole reason to support the community and the server.and for some great cosmetic effects! Weve also got monthly donation goals, and server-wide packages.

Minevival is currently not accessible for everyone, but is using a whitelist. However, you can get acces to this awesome community by filling in a form on our website, and being an active member!

If youre interested to join this community, you should definitely check out our website:

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Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged25 days ago
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Version 1.11
TagsEconomy Lobby Parkour PVE PVP MCMMO Spigot
CountryServers in Netherlands