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Server Address: Website: Subreddit: /r/scottlandstudios Version: 1.9.4 Description: Scottland Studios is the official Minecraft Network of ZackScottGames. The server was officially launched March 10, 2014. The server has recently been reworked and is now better than ever with a new and improved Factions server which utilizes a customized and balanced McMMO configuration. We also have a Creative server with protected plots. We have a very difficult Parkour that saves progress. We have a Towny server with a bunch of fun plugins that encourage players to work together as a community! We have two minigame servers so far, both are completely original and described as Batknight - Game of heroes vs. villains where the objective of the villains is to try and find the most diamonds scattered scattered throughout the map while watching out for other villains and heroes. The heroes job is to clean the city of crime by stopping them in their tracks before time runs out. Also Tournament Tower - pvp game where every 5 kills moves you up a level to a different stage as you fight your way to the top and final level. The server staff also has many future projects planned including a few original minigames to add to the server! We have a organized banning system which logs the time of the ban or mute, the offense, the staff member who dealt the punishment and all evidence. All bans require evidence to hold up to an appeal. No Evidence = No PermBans Rules: Plugins: [Essential] [NoCheat] [SilkSpawner] [WorldBorder] [Factions] [CoreProtect] [MCMMO] [Towny] Staff: (Owner) ZackScott - (Server Manager) Lmac77 - (Admin) Nwoozie - (Builder) Spintown, danceonthorns Videos: ( ( Batknight Desc by LDShadowlady (

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
TagsCreative Factions Minigames Parkour PVP MCMMO Towny 
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