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Outcastcraft PvP

Outcastcraft PvP

SURVIVE - UNITE - CONQUER Outcastcraft is a 24/7 dedicated factions server with full on base raiding and TNT. We offer an amazing survival experience and look forward to expanding our community We are currently in need of staff, We are looking for nice and mature players to keep our community a fun and safe experience for all ages! Donations --- We have many different 'packages' you can purchase to benefit your self and others on the server some of these packages are of the following... 1. Ranks - You can purchase ranks that have perks or better benefits than the regular default rank for example some donator ranks have kits with special items that can be used ever so often... Some ranks have perks that allow you to turn into mobs etc.. The ranks are as follow: [VIP] - $10.00 - To learn more about VIP visit, [Elite] - $25.00 - To learn more about Elite visit, [Lord] - $50.00 - To learn more about Lord visit, [Legend] - $75.00 - To learn more about Legend visit, 2. In game items - You can purchase in game items that will benefit you either in building such as your base, protection against yourself (ex. Protection armor) or even in game money or McMMO skills to be the most powerful! Some of the packages you can purchase are below: 100 McMMO Levels - $5.00 500 McMMO Levels - $25.00 1000 McMMO Levels - $50.00 $5000 in game - $5 Sharpness X Sword - $5.00 (tip: X = Sharpness 10) Protection X Armor - $10.00 (tip: X = Protection 10) and many many more cool items! visit, for more info! Community --- Our community is clean and friendly we accept only mature players and do not look forward to any racism or mass amounts of profanity.. We like our community clean and mature for everyone to have a fun time. Outcastcraft has mature Staff members and our staff will never abuse you in any way.

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Outcastcraft PvP
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Outcastcraft PvP
Registration DateDecember 27, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition