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RomoorCraft - A medieval Minecraft server

RomoorCraft - A medieval Minecraft server

RomoorCraft Server information: Server Ip: Website: Forums: Everyone is allowed to log on the server without a whitelist application. You will start out as a guest. This rank allows you to roam around the server but you cant build or destroy anything. If you wish to build on the server you must apply for the Member rank. The member rank will allow you to do alot of things on the server such as building, mining creating chestshops etc. The application format for the member rank is at the end of the post :). Rules: Server Rules: No griefing. No stealing. No spamming in the chat. Respect the Owner, Admins, Super Moderators and Moderators. Respect all the players on the server. Do not advertise another server ingame or on the forums. Do not claim to be a member of the staff or impersonate one of the staff members. Donor Rules: Do not kill any player while flying, modding or using the /return command. Do not use /heal, /vanish or /god in pvp. Do not use /return to flee from pvp. Do not use /md in the spawn region. Do not spawn mobs with the intent on killing another player (For example spawning 10 zombies near another player with the intent on letting them attack the player). You are not allowed to create nor sell warps for other players Do not give spawned items to other players. Do not sell spawned items to the adminshops. Do not sell spawned items to any player. Do not intentionally allow yourself to be killed to achieve handing items out to other players. Do not abuse your ability to spawn items to cause lag or any harm to the server(For example spawning 10 stacks of wood and then dropping them all at one time). Do not abuse your commands in any way. You are not allowed to set warps fo other players! If you break any of these rules it will result in a demotion or ban from the server depending on the situation. Towns: On RomoorCraft we do not have a plugin for towns. Our town system is as follows: For a town to be created it must meet the requirements for the first town rank: Town Rank 1 - Hamlet: Number of residents required: 5 Cost: 5000 RoCoins Building Requirements: You must have a town hall. Protected Area: 50x50 Benefits: Town Protection(Everything in the town is protected) Once the people that wish to create a town has met all the requirements and chosen a mayor for the town, they will be required to post an application on the towns forum on our website( and then an admin will review the application. If they later meet the requirements for the next town rank then they will be required to post a new application for their town. The template for the town rank application can be found here: And the rest of the town ranks requirements can be read here: Staff: Owner: asmdz Admins: sebssl96 Super Moderators: Moderators: Donate: Do you want to help this server continue to operate? Then donate today:) The donations are used to pay the monthly server bill and to upgrade the server when it is needed. Using the shop here: you can donate to get the ranks specified on the Donation Benefits page. You can see the benefits of each rank here: Member Application Template: Fill out this template in a reply to our topic on the minecraftforums( and the owner or one of the server admins will review your application as soon as possible :) Ingame Name: Age: Why do you want to join this server?: Have you ever been banned before?: If yes then why and where were you banned?: Have you read the rules and do you agree with them?: Thank you for reading about our server and we hope to see you on the server soon :), asmdz and the staff at RomoorCraft

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RomoorCraft - A medieval Minecraft server
Server Information
Registration DateDecember 27, 2017
Last Pinged
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition