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<strong>Server IP:</strong> <p>_______________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <strong>ShadeCrest: Survival</strong> <p><strong><em>McMMO! Towny! Quests!</em></strong><br> Look no further for the <strong>best</strong> survival Minecraft server, which has been running since <strong>Feburary 2011</strong>!</p> <br> <p>We gave <strong>McMMO</strong> a custom curve to <strong>keep leveling fun</strong>, making it easier initially and harder as you go.</p> <br> <p><strong>Towny</strong>'s upkeep is based on the number of residents, and having <strong>more residents</strong> allows you <strong>more plots</strong>! Town members get a <strong>bonus 10%</strong> to all <em>McMMO skills</em>!</p> <br> <p><strong>Quests</strong> are a new way to <strong>make money</strong>, giving players gold for completing challenges. All gold can be <strong>traded for rupees</strong> at <strong>/warp cash4gold</strong>. We're slowly adding <strong>more quests</strong> to the mix, <em>so stay tuned</em>!</p> <br> <p>Our main world is split into <strong>pvp</strong> and <strong>pve</strong>, so you can choose either <em>epic battles</em> or a more <em>relaxed</em> environment.</p> <p>_______________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <h3><strong>ShadeCrest: Creative</strong></h3> <p>A multiworld server which promotes cooperative, creative building with an emphasis on quality building skill. Over time as you continue to prove your building skills, you can be granted higher ranks which give <br> you access to worlds and tools like WorldEdit and VoxelSniper.</p> <p>_______________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <h3>Summary of Rules:</h3> <ul> <li>Don't be a jerk</li> <li>Keep chat rated 'T' for teen</li> <li>Don't grief or exploit</li> <li>Don't lag up the server</li> <li>Don't advertise</li> <li>Try to have fun!</li></ul> <p>_______________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <h3>Interested in Joining?</h3> <ol> <li>Connect to <strong></strong></li> <li>Walk into the portal for survival, creative, or vanilla (or use /)</li> <li>Complete the new player tutorial</li> <li>Find a place to build!</li></ol> <p>Optionally, take the time to make an account on <a href="" target="">our website</a> (matching your in game name) and introduce yourself. Our <a href="" target="">server resources</a> and teamspeak are both great ways of finding an interesting place to live and getting familiar with ShadeCrest.</p>

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