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McAllies The McAllies minecraft server is about doing anything to get yourself to the top. This means betraying, Stealing, Griefing, Raiding and Trash Talking is all allowed. The only minor thing that is not allowed is item scamming (Ex: I say I will pay 7k for a sharpness 3 sword and I don't). Also any type of hacking is not allowed, meaning xray, pvp hacks, sprint hacks, fly hacks, reach hacks, etc. All hacked clients are not allowed, especially nodus. The core of the server is all about factions and if you are not familiar with the factions plugin click here. If you ever get killed by a hacker or get xrayed please report it to an admin, so we can properly punish that offender. Getting resources sometimes may be hard so you can always go to the shop right at spawn or warp there by doing "/warp shop". Get money from either selling reeds or wheat, you can also vote for $500 at Please try our server out and give us a diamond if you want! All server features: Factions - Protect your land by claiming it. "/f help" in game for more info. (Chests are not protected in claimed land, as well as water and bucket usage is allowed on claimed territory) Economy - We have a shop so you can buy items in there. AllyDisable - Enderchests, Invisible Potions and Enderpearls are disabled. WorldBorder - 20by20k Border in World. 10by10k Border in the nether. 3by3k border in the end. HeadShots - Shoot a person in the head with a bow and arrow and do double damage! Headdropper - When slaying someone you have a 50% chance of acquiring their head. ObsidianDestroyer - Destroy obsidian with 5 blasts of tnt. InstantSoup - Instantly heal 3.5 Hearts and 3.5 Hunger when eating a mushroom soup. Homes - You can set up to 3 homes as a regular player. Mobchanger - Change mobs with /box. FFA - New freeforall minigame. NEW! (/ffa) Server IP: Server Website: Please take not that the map has reset on February 5th. (New players, take advantage of this.) If you like this server please give it a diamond. Extra info: /ffa - for a free for all arena. (items provided) Donate at

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Server Information
Registration DateDecember 27, 2017
Last Pinged
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Version 1.12
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition