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ICMC Pure Survival 1.13

ICMC Pure Survival 1.13

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ICMC Pure Survival is a survival server dedicated to helping players have fun and enjoy themselves while having a good time with friends or other players. ICMC has plenty of plugins to offer, since the server is fairly remade stuff is still in development and coming along nicely. We have a semi-small player base but we are looking to increase our player counts daily! We have a very friendly staff team who is always willing to help, ICMC does not have land claiming, so you will want to build your base a decent ways out of spawn to prevent being raided! Here is what we have to offer or things that are in development:


  • Bosses: ICMC will soon have bosses to go and fight for crazy rewards and even keys for our voting crates!
  • Creative: the ICMC staff team is in development of a creative server we will use to turn ICMC into a hub type server that allows players to either go and survive or just join the creative world to have fun and build to your hearts desire!
  • Voting Crates Shop: we are currently creating voting ranks with cool prizes and commands with our voting plugin we have installed! So be sure to vote and gather some points for when the shop is released!
  • Custom Mobs: soon there will be more then just the regular mobs to worry about at night ;)

Things to offer:

  • Voting crates: As you vote on the voting websites we have added you will receive a key to one of our voting crates, and every site has a decent chance to give you an epic key to our next level crate! There are no bad rewards in the crates so as you vote you will always win!!
  • Friendly staff: Our staff is super friendly so you won't have to worry about us giving you a hard time, we are here to help and we won't be rude to you in the process.
  • Shops: We have shops to go and buy items or sell to survive out in the wilderness!
  • Random Teleport: We have plates in spawn to teleport yourself to a random point in the wild to begin!
  • PVP: This is a lost aspect in Minecraft, but we are trying to bring it back! Players on ICMC love to PVP with each other, so be sure to try and join them in the arena.
  • Bosses/Custom Mobs: Soon when they are finished and perfected we will implement random mobs into the world that will spawn at night and give the player a new challenge! Except for the bosses, which will be arena spawns to give players great rewards and possibly keys to the voting crates!
  • A website with a forum, store, or anything else you may need for the server: 

ICMC currently does not hold a ton of players on at a time, so we are reaching out to you guys to jump on and give us a chance! Maybe even tell your friends or family is they play as they may enjoy as well. We try to give our players the best experience we can in a lot of aspects so it would be great to see everyone there. Be sure and come on and let us know you saw us from this website! We are currently running 1.13.



ICMC Pure Survival 1.13
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