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NovaCraft isnt just any other server. It has alot of attributes that make it stand out and unique from all the rest. Worlds Survival World: This is the normal world where you just play the game like normal. Build , mine create towns and just gather resources. We also fully support an economy system, in which you take jobs earn money and can use the money to purchase items from shops or even start a shop of your own! Also, there are several fun and unique PVP areas here, so test your might against other players, and even collect their heads when they die! There is also an fully automated Anti-Hack system which prevents anyone from hacking and makes the all-around game funner for everyone! In addition to that, there is also an easy to use grief prevention system in which players protect their own land! Simply take an golden shovel and right click top corner to opposite bottom corner of what you wish to protect!The resources you gather here will be vital in other worlds like the Faction PVP World. Also, this main world features an entire armada of fun and unique games! Games: -MobArena- Join the Coliseum and fight wave after wave of mobs! Earn rewards as you go through higher waves and eventually fight the bosses in the boss wave! Choose from all different types of unique classes! -KitPVP- Have endless PvP fun! Prove yourself against others in a combat arena! Choose from a wide variety of kits and fight to the death against your peers! Use soup and the unique arena to your advantage! - Parkour- We run a Parkour custom plugin to maximum the experience! Level up your Parkour level, earn rewards, unlock new courses, and set records! See how you stack up against others and see if you can reach the master course! - Spleef- Interactive game in which you compete to break the blocks underneath the other players to knock them into lava to win! -JumpandGo- Jump from high pillars in the sky and try to land in an small block of water. Test your jumping abilities! Faction PVP World: The ultimate area to truly test your faction's strength, and see how you stack up against the other factions in the server. This world is an fully griefable, raidable world , which mainly focuses on faction vs faction gameplay. Take part in this all out warfare and climb the Faction LeaderBoards for fame and glory! Skyblock: An interactive island world. To get started do /island and you are placed on your own island with limited supplies. Create a cobble generator, build up your island, or even team up with your friends complete challenges and try to be the best! Creative World: An VIP+ only flatworld the only area where creative is allowed on the server. Lay back and let the game come easy to you for once and build cool buildings and designs! Experiment with redstone see what works! HungerGames: A full out hunger games! You are sent into an arena and are forced to fight to death against the other tributes. Attend the feast , find hidden chests get the better equipment because the last man standing wins! The rules of NovaCraft are simple and easy to follow if you would like to raid you can as long as its outside the city if the person doesent have their chest claimed. Griefing is a no tolerance at all in Survival and perfectly acceptable in Faction. The rest are easy just use common sense if it doesent seem right then its probbably against the rules. I hope you will come and play, and if you really like it be sure to give it a diamond :) Additional Notes NovaCraft is a fun PVP Survival Building Faction Server. It features many cool warps and places with tons of things for the average player to do. NovaCraft has something for everyone. Come Have Fun!!

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Version 1.12
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