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About: ProjectCraft is Survival/PvP, On Project-Craft your only allowed to PvP if your in a faction!.Mostly everyone who joins our server is just looking for a server to have fun on and enjoy a good server hosting experience. We ban bad players everyday so we can keep the good ones in and the bad ones out so you can have a good playing experience. Most of our players are friendly, If there is a problem with you and another player. let an admin or mod know about the issue and they will get it resolved. Plugins: Healthbar - Puts a health bar above NPC's so you can see how much health they have while you are fighting them. CoreProtect - This logs every block ever made/broken and gives admins the ability to rollback grief the person did. LWC - Chest protection, Makes your chest private so only you can access them. Anti Xray - Our server has an anti xray plugin so players cannot cheat. Horse Protection - Our server has a plugin to protect your horse from being stolen. Iconomy - Buy and sell things to our servers global shop! Essentials - Adds a lot of useful commands to enhance your game play! MiningCash - Get money for mining ores!. Factions - Wiht factions, You can claim an area and invite players to your factions!. Rules: Respect All Players And Staff. Do Not Grief. Do Not Steal. Do Not Scam. Do Not X-Ray. Do Not Advertise. Do Not Spam. Do Not Exploit. Do Not Use A Hacked Client. Do Not Harass Players Or Staff. Do Not Ask Staff For Items. Do Not Ask To Be Staff. Do Not Impersonate Staff. Do Not Intentionally Annoy Others. Do Not Abuse /tpa. Do Not Make Redstone Clocks. Do Not Beg Players For Items. Do Not Type In All Caps. No Racism. No Excessive Swearing. All Builds Must Be At Least 10 Blocks Away From Other Builds, Unless you have permission to build close. Join: Visit Our Website: Join Our

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Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged2 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.11
CountryServers in United States of America