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PickAxis Network

PickAxis Network

Creative PVP Skyblock Skywars Survival MCMMO Towny 

<img src=""> <br> <b>Welcome to PickAxis Network!</b> <br> <br> We are a new Minecraft network with a GREAT community. Currently we have 6 servers with more on the way! <br> <br> <ul> <li><b>BUILD CONTESTS</b>: We host themed build contests every few weeks for you to compete against others and improve your skills. Try it out for a chance to win prizes!</li> <li><b>CREATIVE</b>: We have large creative plots. You can use your tokens to unlock WorldEdit capabilities. We frequently hold build contests. </li> <li><b>KITPVP</b>: Battle your friends and foes in combat, with unique class-based abilities, such as the ability to spawn zombies to fight for you, shoot people with poisonous arrows, and more!</li> <li><b>SKYBLOCK</b>: A traditional skyblock server, we have some of the smartest and most creative skyblockers ever seen in Minecraft. </li> <li><b>SKYWARS</b>: All of our skywars maps are original on PickAxis.</li> <li><b>SURVIVAL</b>: Our survival server has Towny and McMMO. </li> </ul> <br><br><br> <img src=""> <br> <b>Vote for tokens!</b> When you vote, you get 10 tokens per site! Use <b>/shop</b> on the servers to unlock abilities with your tokens. <br><br> <b>Have fun and we'll see you on the servers!</b>

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PickAxis Network
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PickAxis Network
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
TagsCreative PVP Skyblock Skywars Survival MCMMO Towny 
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition
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