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Are you looking for a server with lots of danger, great PVP, and no administrator interference? Then Thunderdome is the place for you. SERVER IP: THUNDERDOME-MC.COM ** NO WHITELIST - WE USE AN IN-HOUSE PROMOTION SYSTEM! ** INFAMY IS BACK! You can gain infamy/pvp titles by killing people at night time or in the nether. Infamy cannot be gained during the day at this time, just at night. We have over 15 PVP titles. The first three are: 1. Hunter 2. Slayer 3. Killer .. .. The next are for you to find out! Will you be the champion of the server with the highest PVP title rank? RULES: 1. NO GRIEFING 2. PVP is allowed but don't spawn kill. 3. Stealing is allowed from unlocked chests only! 4. Do not exploit or hack. 5. Admins do not spawn items or teleport players. 6. No whining and respect the admins. 7. Don't be a douchebag and do not troll. 8. Multiple accounts or 'alts' are forbidden. 9. Quitting during PVP is not allowed! Server specs: Intel I7 980x 16GB DDR3 RAM The entire server loaded in a ram drive for the ultimate speed. CentOS 5.5 Backups every hour. Plugins we use: 1. BigBrother 2. iConomy 3. ClockMod 4. LWC 5. Minecart Mania Core/Chest Control/Sign Commands 6. WorldEdit 7. WorldGuard 8. HeroicDeath 9. MCBans 10. Achievements/Stats 11. MultiVerse (We have nether!) 12. PetitionPlugin About the administrator: There are only two administrators with all out power - that is binaryclock02, and binaryclock01. We are a husband and wife team that are mature and deal with every situation with a neutral standing. We don't believe in administrator interference and will not spawn items or teleport players. Binaryclock02 has been coding for over 25 years, and 10 of those years in Java. Binaryclock02 creates his own plugins only for Thunderdome, aptly named ClockMod. I invite you to come check it out! History of the Server: Thunderdome is using the latest version of Craftbukkit which is based off v1.3 of Minecraft server. The server has been up since January 14th, 2011 and still going strong. We average around 30-50 players per night, and sometimes get over 60 on busy nights/times! Our server is powerful enough to hold 100 players, but 60-70 seems to be the sweet spot. More features include: 1. Infamy system. You gain PVP titles on your performance in PVP combat. You kill more people than you die? You gain infamy. You get killed more than you kill? You lose infamy. The more infamy you have, the better PVP chat titles you gain! Come see what all the fuss is about and join in! 2. Hourly backups coupled with BigBrother, WorldEdit, and active Knights (mods) ensure a total anti-griefing experience! If you get griefed, use our petition system /pe to report the griefing! 3. Multiple worlds, including the nether for you to explode and build in! 4. Trivia! We host daily trivia for prizes on the server. Daily trivia can be any subject, but mostly is about gaming and science! Come have some fun :) 5. Promotion system. You start out on the server as a grunt, but can move up the ranks by playing and displaying your abilities and time invested in the server. Think you can be part of the King's guard, or even destined to become a Knight and control the guards/civilians? Prove it! Lots, lots more too! Come have fun and build/PVP/chat on Thunderdome! SERVER IP: THUNDERDOME-MC.COM


Server Information
Registration DateDecember 27, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition