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Are you a builder, used to play in creative, but tired of having his or her builds remain static art pieces when they should also be alive and useful, integrated in a rich world?

Are you a survivor, who likes the thrill of facing dangers, in the form of other players, monsters or natural perils?

Are you an inventor, who enjoys developing ways to produce useful designs to make survival easier?

Are you a manager, who enjoys taking care of a town, city or empire, creating them from small camps until their land covers a significant chunk of the entire map?

Or maybe you are just a traveler, who enjoys visiting rich, detailed places, natural landscapes or beautiful towns?

You are welcome! Our server is an experimental project to develop an almost self-sustaining environment for players of all kind to play in a medieval/fantasy setting. We try to make minecraft feel less static thanks to our custom plugins. Indeed, we've changed how gravity behaves, we've developped a more realistic water simulation (with puddles forming when there is rain, and draining through dirt and other materials, to reappear somewhere else), a more natural plant growth system, an entire climate simulation (which you can watch evolve on our dynmap, and has actual effects on the map, like seasons), and many more, to make you feel that you are a part of a dynamic world.

We've also developped plugins that blur the difference between creative and survival. Indeed, even in survival, you are able to copy and paste builds... as long as you have a warehouse containing the materials for that copy! This also makes you able to create builds in our creative sandbox, before moving them into the survival overworld in a completely legit way.

We're finally moving slowly away from Towny to a custom plugin called Civilizations, which attempts to bring more freedom to the look and feel of cities, but also to bring more features than just plot management, like creating temporary camps, individual houses away from towns, renting and purchasing various plots, including fields, creating custom groups, like guilds or others (why wouldn't you make your own assassins or merchants guild?) and so much more.

We try to find the good balance between making a complex world and a fun gameplay. Come help us achieve this!

Oh, and here is the dynmap of our huge, custom world :

(We welcome mature players of any age. Be careful that we allow cursing in our chat, but harassment and other things are of course subject to moderation)

Project Mango
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Project Mango
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