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Hey, welcome to Alpha-Minecraft-Beta! Our server’s goal is to provide a friendly and cooperative environment for players to build and enjoy their Minecraft experience without abusive admins or mods, without an asinine pay-to-play system, and just to have fun. We’re run on a dedicated-host, maintained and paid for by our admin Gixbit, as well as a dedicated set of admins and moderators here to help you. Each moderator is educated in Worldguard, so any creation, big or small, can be protected from griefers and accidents alike. So what exactly are you to expect here? Well, despite the fact we’re a bukkit-server, we’re a 70% vanilla server. This means no Tekkit or FTB. This also means we won’t be using any MMO plugins. It’s not a direction the admins feel is right for our server. That being said, if there’s a plugin you think would help the server, please, don’t hesitate to suggest it! We’re always open to suggestions, and are constantly growing, just like Minecraft. As for the plugins we already have: -Craftconomy -Quickshop -Worldedit -Worldguard -Tree Feller -Mobs drop heads! -Commandbook -VanishNoPacket -Vault -Multiverse -PermissionsEx -LWC -Prism -Namer -SilkSpawners -MobCatcher -Authme -OpenInv -ClearLag -AutoSaveWorld -HeroChat -Mailbox -HeavySpleef -MobArena Most of our plugins are used to enhance the vanilla feel, however some are specifically designed to help admins and mods catch cheaters and griefers. We aim to help players get on their feet and start the game as easily as possible, however we don’t condone xraying of any sort. Think about it, how hard is Minecraft really that you feel the need to use an x-ray mod to actually play? It’s only ruining the experience for you, and it’s not fair to our other players to do that. If admins or mods catch you, don’t expect us to be generous. So as for RULES, we may not have many, but we do expect you to follow them. -NO GRIEFING. This is universal among the entire server. If you do grief, we WILL find out. Griefing is an immediate ban. In the long run, it’s not a worthwhile path to choose, so why bother? -NO HARASSMENT. This can be another form of grief, and will be treated as such. This can range from stalking other players, to abusing player commands on other players. -NO XRAY. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. This includes actual xray mods as well as transparent texture packs. The first time we catch you, you’ll be banned from mining ores for a period. Subsequent offenses will get you banned. -NO CHEATING. In general, it ruins the experience. This includes any game-enhancing client-side mods. We expect you to know what this encompasses, so things like optifine or rei’s minimap are okay. -NO STEALING. Though chests are protected, we are aware there are other ways to steal other players’ items. If we catch you, we’ll penalize you accordingly. -DO NOT ADVERTISE. We are a server of our own, so advertising your own server will result in being banned. Hey, sounds like you have a better place to play anyway. Posted Image -HAVE FUN. If you don’t like our server, don’t gripe about it and tear everyone down with you. If you don’t like it here, you can leave, we won’t stop you. -NO ASKING FOR MOD/ADMIN/OP/ETC. We will add them when we need them, and we invite people to be staff. This is not a ballot for people, this is our decision as admins to pass. -NO SPAMMING CHAT. For real, it’s obnoxious, and annoys everyone. Don’t do it, or you’ll lose chat privileges. So who are the owners? Well… Hello, My name is Gixbit. I am the maintenance admin and co-owner. I spend a great deal of my time configuring this server. I am not a new admin. I am extremely experienced, if not an expert, with all the plugins listed. Our admins and mods are trained to be helpful to you when we are here. REMEMBER, this server is ran by players, we are not paid to be here 24/7. Please be patient with us and we will help you. You can message me for help through this forum, Or Xorriel. We are both here to help. With that said, with Herochat we've set up four channels for our players. Global, Staff, SHelp and Local. SHelp is a dedicated help channel. ANYONE who has the ability to help will be able to see your messages in this channel. Our Global channel is like minecraft without a chat plugin. But, you have the option to leave this channel. Local is like chatmanager's range feature. It is a 1000 block radius chat room. And lastly, Staff is where we make all the server changing decisions and where I train my staff members. WHAT UP?! Name’s Xorriel. Guess you could call me the main online admin. I’m generally the one who’s on and playing with players and whatnot. Typically, I’ll be the one to build larger structures for the server whatever purposes they may need to serve. As such, I have a high respect for players’ creations and a lower tolerance for griefers. Consider that your only warning griefers. Apart from that, I’m typically laid-back, and will try my best to help anyone that needs it. Welcome to the server!! Posted Image Though we have a number of Mods and Admins who we couldn't run this show without, if they all gave an intro, the post would be WAYYY too long. However, if you’re looking for a mod or admin on our server, just look for a colored chat text. This is reserved for staff alone, so nobody who has white text is a staff member. Some important and helpful commands for players: - /sethome - /home - /ch help (To get a list of commands for herochat) - /ch H (To get help inside the server) - /mailbox - /who - /call (This is like tpa) - /msg (Uses herochat's msg command) - /r (Uses herochat's r command) - /spawn - /rules (READ this) - /kit start - /qs (Players can make their own shop) - /money help - /region addmember (If you own a region you can add people to it on your own) - /region info (For your own regions) - /region list (Your owned regions) And some otherwise easier ways to get around: - /warp farm1 (The community farm is here) - /warp worlds (The netherbrick house is where you go to get to world two) - /warp shops (This is a list of warps for other player's shops - /warp shops1 (This is where you would make money without buying from other players) - /warp shops2 (This is another area where you can buy interesting things needless to say) - /warp chat (This explains how the chat stuff works from inside the server) - /warp spawn (This will take you to the main spawn area no matter where you are) - /warp spleef (This is where you can play spleef) - /warp mobarena (This is where you can play in the arena) If you’re having any other trouble, the admins have taken the liberty of setting up a library near spawn to explain anything you may be having trouble figuring out. If there’s anything else we’ve missed, please let us know!

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