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Silver Springs Survival

Silver Springs Survival

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IP: Silver Springs Survival is a place for those looking for a harder survival experience without the risk of theft, griefing, and pvp. Server settings: -Difficulty: Hard -Map size: 7000x7000 -Weather: On -Village Trading: On -Creeper explosions are on but do not damage land/buildings. -Nether and end are enabled -PVP is only allowed for reasons in /rules or in PVP arena Plugins: SSS has limited plugins to keep things simple. We look to have a basic survival experience that is slightly harder. Please be thoughtful of this when suggesting plugins! -MobCatcher: Capture animals with a chicken egg and 5 diamonds to bring home! Only works with chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, squids, ocelots, and wolves. -McMMO: We have customized McMMO by turning off abilities and making double drops for diamonds and emeralds non-existent. Staff: These three ranks are set. They cannot be achieved by other players. -Owner: wolfwoodnyo -Headadmin: ___MeRliN___ -Developer: Kanrilla To gain member, you must play on our server for 22hours. In the future, there may be moderator and admin applications. Keep up to date with all server news by checking this thread often. Please take a look at our rules: #1: No griefing #2: No thieving #3: Swearing is fine, but no hate speech #4: No Full Automatic Mob-Grinders, semi Automatics are fine (Off-Switch), No One hit kill experience Grinders with infinite mob spawning ammount (E.G Endergrinder, Golemgrinder, Mob-Drop-Farm) #5: Respect other players and staff #6: Do not ask for rank up, OP, Admin or creative, you wont get it especialy if you ask #7: Do not advertise for other servers, even not in private messages, doing so gets you banned #8: PvP is on, but you are only permitted to do so if: A) Both persons agree on a duel. You are in a PvP arena C) You caught somebody griefing or stealing from you D) You caught somebody without permission on your land and he is not willing to leave after you asked him and gave him a minute to leave #9: Do not spam, also do not write everything in caps #10: No golemgrinders at all, even no semi-automatic ones, those things are economy killers #11: Do not use X-Ray #12: Do not cheat or abuse glitches #13: Do not use any sorts of hacked clients #14: Report all plugin glitches and plugin bugs to staff, we will take care of it. #15: Do not fear to ask or suggest things to Headadmin, Owner or Developer, we wont be mad if you dislike something and ask us to change it, or if you got any plugin suggestions, we take a look into it, because here the player is important, not the staff.

Silver Springs Survival
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