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Welcome to the Best Minecraft server list!

On this website you can find the most popular Prison Minecraft Servers to play via our server list.

Prison Servers

Prison Servers usually take place in an isolated space where the players are in "Prison". This does not neccesarily have to be a closed door prison, there are open mines for example. In a Prison Server the objective is to mine/collect ores and then sell those to a shopkeeper mob to obtain money. The more money the player obtains, the higher they will rise in the Prison ranks. As you progress the levels start gaining slower and slower. When you get better you usually progress into different maps/levels within the prison and eventually you will be able to obtain freedom. This is usually the end of the fun on that server though, so servers tend to make this process very slow!

So go right ahead and take a look below at our list of the best Prison MC Servers 

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Minecraft Prison Servers