Tower Defense Server List

Singapore flagOnline1.15.2
Canada flagOffline1.16
United States of America flagOnline1.12/1.16.1
United States of America flagOffline1.15
Netherlands flagOffline1.8
United States of America flagOffline1.15.2
Canada flagOffline1.15.2
Vietnam flagOnline1.12
United States of America flagOffline1.15.2

Tower Defense Minecraft Servers

Tower Defense is a game mode in which you have an objective which you want to defend. You're tasked with building defenses with guns, turrets, walls and more to keep enemies from entering your base. Within Minecraft, this is usually done by having a build phase and an attack phase, where players build up their defences during the build phase, and then try to break in during the attack phase. By the end of the attack phase, if both players have captured the enemy's objective, it starts over again. If only one has, they win.

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