Minecraft Servers By Types

On this page you can find all the different game types that are currently available on the server list.

In these servers the goal is to play with man-made maps (created by players). Gameplay is somewhat limited compared to regular Minecraft. Users are unable to destroy or place blocks with any tools, this limitation is put in place to preserve the maps the users built. Interaction is only possible with computer controlled mobs, paintings and item cases.

Adventure Minecraft Servers

Server gamemode based off the popular game, agario. You spawn in, a bacteria. Consume smaller bacteria to grow to a larger colony.

Agario Minecraft Servers

Starting with nothing but a book to guide you, begin your quest and rebuild your world. Agrarian skies turns any Minecraft Server into an entirely different game.

Agrarian Skies Minecraft Servers

A Minecraft Server with no rules - nobody is safe, and everything goes. Some of them even allow cheating!

Anarchy Minecraft Servers

An Anime Server is a server based around popular Anime from the East. Naruto, One Peice, and Bleach have nothing on these servers. Roleplay your own original character and save the day as a shounen hero! Or, maybe you want to play a villian. Or maybe, and edgy anti-hero. The limit is up to your imagination.

Anime Minecraft Servers

A unique combination of popular Minecraft mods which transforms any Minecraft Server into a world of science.

Attack Of The B Team Minecraft Servers

Servers which take inspiration from Avatar the last Airbender. Protect your nation and bend nature to your will!

Avatar Minecraft Servers

Bed Wars is a game mode which spawns you and a group of players on platforms. Your bed is your guide back from the afterlife. If an enemy destroys your bed, and you die, it's all over. Who can survive? Who is the strongest? Only one will survive.

Bed Wars Minecraft Servers

Bending servers are servers which theme is based off of the mid-2000's animated children's television show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. You, a master of one of four elements will battle it out against enemy nations using your elemental mastery as a tool for destruction.

Bending Minecraft Servers

Will you hunt, or be hunted? With players divided into two teams, the hunters try to find and kill the hiders before the time limit is up!

Blockhunt Minecraft Servers

A Minecraft spin on classic tower defense style games. Inspired by Plants vs. Zombies!

Blocks Vs Zombies Minecraft Servers

Creative mode servers designed to pit the best builders against eachother. Do you have what it takes to outwit your rivals? Who's the best builder? The only way to know is to play this gamemode.

Build Battle Minecraft Servers

Servers which cointain build teams who work on large scale creative mode projects

Building Minecraft Servers

Based on the popular shooter Call of Duty, Call Of Duty servers offer game modes similar to call of duty game modes. Free for all, gungame, and more.

Call Of Duty Minecraft Servers

Invade the enemy teams' base, take their flag, and bring it back to your base! With 13 classes and over 30 maps to choose from, this team based gamemode turns any Minecraft Server into a strategy based PVP warzone!

Capture The Flag Minecraft Servers

Praise the lord while defending your town from zombies and other baddies. If the christian tag is applied, you know that they are friendly to everyone.

Christian Minecraft Servers

City Servers are mostly creative mode revolving around city building, or city mode survival. Can you survive every day life? Step into the giant world of cities like Los Angeles and New York, built straight inside Minecraft! Or of course the great imaginary cities that Minecraft server owners can come up with!

City Minecraft Servers

Similar to Clash of Clans, Clash of Clans servers are a tower defence, city defence game mode which offers plenty of strategy to be added to vanilla minecraft. Try it out today!

Clash Of Clans Minecraft Servers

Servers which provide users with classes and kits, usually for minigames to increase custimization of player experience.

Classes Minecraft Servers

Servers with a high sense of community. Within community servers users may be expected to participate in community projects, play civilly, and build long lasting friendships. For a genuinely fun time, play a community server.

Community Minecraft Servers

Prison escape, Minecraft style! One cop vs an entire jail full of robbers.

Cops And Robbers Minecraft Servers

The difference between Cracked Servers and Normal Servers is that the Cracked ones do not speak to Mojang's login system to authenticate.
This also means that your session is not connected to your "Minecraft" account, everyone can choose any name because no one is verifying wether the account actually exists.
Consequentially this also results into players who haven't actually bought the game being able to play regardless, because in Minecraft the Login system also serves as a license verification system.

The Cracked server owners solve this problem by doing in game authentication, so you will have to register ingame for a password. Offline mode servers is another name for Cracked servers, it's a common misconception that these type of servers are illegal. In fact the opposite is true, Mojang purposely introduced this option into the server incase their servers had login problems.

Cracked Minecraft Servers

A gamemode inspired by "The Walking Dead" T.V. Show, this gamemode has you foraging for food, supplies, and building materials in a world which has been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Learn to live again and see how long you can survive against waves of zombies.

Crafting Dead Minecraft Servers

Crazycraft servers are a special type of server mod that has modified creepers, witchery bosses with over 5000 health and a lot more crazyness! The list contains both version 3.0 and 2.0.

Crazy Craft Minecraft Servers

Creative mode is one of the three game modes in Minecraft: Survival, Adventure & Creative.
The primary objective for the user is to build anything they can imagine.
Combat functionality is largely disabled so the game mechanics that normally disturb the player during their play session are no longer occuring here.
This allows you to focus on whatever you're building, it however also takes away the thrill.
Because who doesn't like their hard work being blown up by a creeper? ;)

Creative Minecraft Servers

CS:GO servers are based on the popular team shooter, CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Two teams pitted against eachother. Place the bomb, secure the payload, save the day. For every kill upgrade your weapons with cash between rounds. Oh and the best part of all? Guns. In minecraft. Play today!

Csgo Minecraft Servers

Servers which offer custom or enhanced enchants. For example, Sharpness X, or maybe a custom runspeed enchantment on all your gear.

Custom Enchants Minecraft Servers

Roleplay servers which aim to find you your love. Protip: Just be yourself, man.

Dating Minecraft Servers

Servers based off the popular post apocalypsic Zombie survival game, DayZ. Get your gear, kill zombies, establish a foothold. Be careful though, becoming too prosperous may result in other players wanting your hard earned loot. Defend your loot and exterminate the zombie menace.

Dayz Minecraft Servers

Death Race, enspired by Counter Strike's Death Race, one player controls traps, the rest race to reach the end of the map. Can you reach the end and avoid all the traps?

Death Race Minecraft Servers

Direwolf 20 is a modified version of the Feed the beast modpack.

Direwolf20 Minecraft Servers

Disney World Servers, based off your favorite Walt Disney classic movies, explore the jungles, the castles, and the frozen wastelands you've always wanted to see. Expand your roleplaying abilities and be the handsome prince, the timid princess, or maybe the unwaivering hero!

Disney World Minecraft Servers

X marks the spot! Dropper servers pit you against your reflexes, and at times, luck. Can you survive the fall? That's the question offered by dropper servers. As the name implies you're spawned on a platform atop a seemingly bottomless pit. Along the way there will be obsticles, can you use your limited movement to hit the target at the end? Only one way to find out. Play now!

Dropper Minecraft Servers

Drugs servers are all about drugs! It's you vs the police! who's going to win? Cops or the dealers?

Drugs Minecraft Servers

Servers where users may duel one vs one, or free for all.

Duel Minecraft Servers

Introduces a virtual economy to a Minecraft Server. Use custom currencies, buy/sell from player owned shops, and own land!

Economy Minecraft Servers

Multi-team PVP minigame for Minecraft servers. Get diamonds and equipment, and destroy your enemies eggs!

Egg Wars Minecraft Servers

Factions is a very popular Minecraft minigame where the primary objective is to capture land and then build out your own base to protect yourself.
To protect your bases a faction server is often equiped with griefing protection plugins, but make sure to check before you lose your hard work.
If they don't list it on their server page, simply ask the operators ingame.
The Minigame is essentially small scale warfare within Minecraft, you can gain control over vasts amount of land and financial resources(coins) and you can make friends and enemies!

Factions Minecraft Servers

Farming Servers are servers on which you can harvest various crops and plants, these are often part of certain minigames.

Farming Minecraft Servers

Five Nights At Freddy's Roleplay themed servers. Can you survive your first night at Freddy Fazbears?

Fnaf Minecraft Servers

Open source mod framework designed to increase compability for Minecraft mods. Used by most Minecraft Server mods.

Forge Minecraft Servers

Free servers! Servers without pay. If this tag is applied to the server this means that it's free to play and that potential purchases are not gamebreaking.

Free Minecraft Servers

Servers which offer their users the ability to use admin commands.

Free Op Minecraft Servers

FTB, short for Feed the Beast, is a collective name for several Mods & Maps released by the Feed The Beast community.
In short Feed the Beast can be compared to a minigame often played within Minecraft Servers called Skyblock. The player is left stranded and has to survive on his own.
Feed the beast servers are hard to generalize as to what can be played on them as it is such a broad genre.
If you're interested in learning more about it we simply suggest collecting the Mod pack from the link above and then trying one of the servers below.

Ftb Minecraft Servers

Servers which have been chosen to be very fun! Join in for a lot of fun!

Fun Minecraft Servers

Good servers! Not great, but good! Could work on their confidence huh?

Good Minecraft Servers

Servers which do not punish griefing protected or unprotected bases. Utmost caution is advised when playing on a server like this. If you like your items, that is.

Griefing Minecraft Servers

These servers are based around the popular game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) by Rockstar Games.
They usually offer custom mapdata, have guns, different vehicles gangs, drugs and police.

Gta Minecraft Servers

In these servers you can play with guns. Think of various pistols, rifles, etc.
It is required that you install a Resource Pack from the server to be able to see these items though!
Usually this process is completely automated and all you will need to do is login.

Guns Minecraft Servers

These are servers that allow hacks. Be warned though, this means that other users with hacked clients can do the same thing, it may lead to unfair advantages for some people. If you enjoy that type of game play though, these servers are very nice to play on.

Hacks Allowed Minecraft Servers

An official Minecraft variant of Survival with no respawning! Once you die, the world can no longer be played.

Hardcore Minecraft Servers

Harry Potter servers are inspired by the awesome Harry Potter. These servers are usually filled with minigames or roleplay related to harry potter characters, some are even located in a Minecrafty version of Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Minecraft Servers

Hardcore Factions server, similar to Factions but hardcore. Much harder and much more competitive than normal factions servers, usually with a quicker map reset time.

Hcf Minecraft Servers

Hexxit is similar to Feed the Beast in the sense that it is a collection of mods.
One common theme that you may find in Hexxit though are dragons and dungeons. Yes, that's right. Hexxit is all about adventures!
Unfortunately playing Hexxit is only possible when you install the mod pack, feel free to visit the link at the beginning of this message to download it.

Hexxit Minecraft Servers

Hide And Seek is a gamemode where you have an initial grace period to find a hiding spot, then, the seeker is released. The Seeker's objective is to find the hiders. The hider's objective is to blend in with their surroundings, if they can't then they must slay the seekers before they are found. Once caught, you become a seeker. The last hider alive is the winner.

Hide And Seek Minecraft Servers

High School Servers are servers which revolve around High School Roleplay. Will you be a principal? Will you be a teacher? Or, the most important role of all, which no school can live without, will you be the Janitor? Expand your roleplaying skills to their limits and play today.

High School Minecraft Servers

Blood, gore, guts, jumpscares, angry clowns, pointy and sharp things, Horror servers will test your mental endurance. Can you handle the horror style roleplay? Can you survive a mass killers rampage or will you be remembered as another victim? Find out, if you dare.

Horror Minecraft Servers

Description Html

Horse Minecraft Servers

Hunger Games is often refered to as Survival Games too. They are slightly different though.
In Hunger Games your primary objective it to be the last man standing. This will likely involve PVP'ing as your opponents aren't likely to drop dead by themselves. Prior to starting a Hunger Games match the players are situated around chests while the countdown occurs.

Once it hits 0 the players all rush towards the chests to claim whatever valuables there are inside there. It's immensely valuable if you can obtain some weapons and equipment at this point as of course the main point of the minigame is surviving.
After the users have been to the chests they usually start attacking each other right away, and some may choose to try and hide as far as they can while they gather more resources.

Hunger Games Minecraft Servers

Based on the gamemode from Call of Duty, Infected starts you as a survivor. After a certain amount of time one player is turned into an infected. The game ends when either the last surviving player is infected or the timer runs out. Can you win?

Infected Minecraft Servers

Servers which drop you on an island to survive. Very few players and resources, can you manage?

Island Minecraft Servers

Jailbreak Servers are inspired by the Counter Strike Jailbreak game mode. There are two teams, Prisoners and Guards. The objective is for prisoners to pick the right time to revolt. Once they revolt they can storm the guards weapons cache to get gear, then the game becomes which team is left standing at the end. Can you escape?

Jailbreak Minecraft Servers

Create your own kingdom, rally the troops, invade for resources! Players can trade for resource points, buy upgrades, use turrets, and more.

Kingdom Minecraft Servers

Kit PVP is a type of a server that revolves solely around PVP (Player versus Player) combat.
Players get to choose preset "kits" which are precombined packs of items and spells that they will then use to fight with each other.
Larger or better kits are often unlocked by playing more often or by making a contribution to the server operator by using for example BuyCraft.
While it is often the case that the person with the strongest kit wins, experience skill and luck play a big factor too.

Kit Pvp Minecraft Servers

Lobby servers are servers are similar to hub servers. You join in, and from there you queue for game modes similar to minigames and matchmaking.

Lobby Minecraft Servers

Lucky Block servers are servers which use the Lucky Block Plugin. The lucky block plugin will show a block which, when broken, can either contain extremely rare top tier items, or explode with a horde of baddies. Test your luck today!

Lucky Block Minecraft Servers

Minecraft servers which use a plugin which allows its users to add enhanced enchantmetns, cast spells, add sorcery skill levels and more.

Magic Minecraft Servers

Servers which allow their players to be married in game. Usually afiliated with Role Playing servers

Marriage Minecraft Servers

McMMO is a plugin that allows players to earn experience and rewards for using certain tools and doing certain actions. For example, players would earn experience from using a shovel, or a bow, or taming mobs. Buildup of experience from these activities will result in double or rare drops, and ability enhancement.

Mcmmo Minecraft Servers

Become a king, build your castle, immerse yourself in the world of Medieval servers. Medieval servers are servers which are based on the Medieval era. Create an empire, become a viking, invade and pilliage. Food and resources may be scarce but you will learn the way of a true hero. Like your father, and your fathers father, you will ascend to your throne and rule with an iron fist, but beware, as no king rules forever.

Medieval Minecraft Servers

Pick your fate, Mianite, Ianite, or Dianite. Pick your faction and play for your respected god. War against the heathens, and secure your territory!

Mianite Minecraft Servers

Popular mod which includes three different types of minigame - gliding mode, tumble mode, and battle mode.

Minigames Minecraft Servers

Servers which promote deep mining and hoarding your resources.

Mining Minecraft Servers

MMORPG servers are servers which mimic the Massivley Multiplayer Online Role Player Game feel.

Mmorpg Minecraft Servers

Mob Arena servers are servers which offer arenas specifically for fighting against computer controlled characters. Are you vs waves of mobs. Who will outlast who?

Mob Arena Minecraft Servers

Servers which are modded and may require user client side runs to join and operate.

Mod Minecraft Servers

Modded servers are servers which use server side mods. Most server side mods will be compatable with your client. Some Modded servers have custom resource packs, but beware, only download custom packs from servers you trust, or you may not be having a fun time anymore.

Modded Minecraft Servers

You and some random players have been placed in a house overnight. You have survived the night, but you find that one of your crew has not. Someone's the murderer, but who is it? Lucky for the survivors, there's a detective there with you, who was planning on enjoying the festivities. Now, he's tasked with finding out who the murderer is. Can you crack the code and find the murderer? Think fast! Because you will know for sure, that the murderer will strike again.

Murder Mystery Minecraft Servers

These are servers that are currently in need of builders to help them build up the map and cities.

Need Builders Minecraft Servers

These are servers that need staff to help them with moderating or help them run the server. Perhaps they even need staff really badly, on some of these servers it may not be very hard to get yourself a nice rank, maybe even today? Often times these servers are fairly new.
Are you the person they are looking for?

Need Staff Minecraft Servers

New Servers are servers that were only added to the list very recently. In the year 2018 and then within the last 3 months, to be precise.
This doesn't neccesarily mean they are small servers, they could also just have obtained players via different ways than via the server list.

New Minecraft Servers

Servers which do not charge for items or ranks in game.

No Premium Minecraft Servers

These are servers that aren't "Overpowered", meaning things are going at the normal rates for Minecraft. Things won't be extremely easy to complete, so don't expect an easy ride when playing on these.

Non Op Minecraft Servers

Factions servers which are overpowered. With enchantments higher than vanilla minecraft enchantments, and serious buy to win opportunity.

Op Factions Minecraft Servers

OP Prison is a variant of normal Prison Servers, because in OP Prison Servers it's a lot quicker to level up. It's easier to collect the right items and your overall experience will be much much quicker. So if you don't like playing for hours and hours to only make little progress, OP Prison is definitely a good game mode for you.

Op Prison Minecraft Servers

PvP servers which players are expected to be extremely overpowered. It's more fun this way!

Op Pvp Minecraft Servers

Skyblock servers which are overpowered. Server side plugins allow weapons to have high knock back, or even enchantments on non weapon items. Expect the unexpected at all times!

Op Skyblock Minecraft Servers

Servers who offer paintball minigames. Two teams pitted against eachother, each team has a specific number of reinforcemnts, when they're gone, you lose! Think you have waht it takes to win?

Paintball Minecraft Servers

Parkour is one of the oldest and most known games in Minecraft. You've likely done a parkour lap in real life too! In Minecraft the goal is to jump from block to block without falling down. Server Operators have become extremely creative and built beautiful parkours for you to enjoy. There are different types of parkours, such as Ice Parkour, Ladder Parkour, Fire parkour andsoforth.

Parkour Minecraft Servers

Servers without mobs, peaceful servers are great to build on, or to play casually. Great fun for all!

Peaceful Minecraft Servers

Yarr based off pirate legends, conquer the sea and collect the booty. In these roleplay servers you roleplay as your favorite pirate sailing the seven seas.

Pirate Minecraft Servers

Pixelmon is a game type that requires you to use a Modded game client.
The goal of the mod is to fuse Minecraft and Pokemon together.
When playing on a Pixelmon server you can expect to see all your favourite Pokemon, while largely maintaining Minecraft's core functionality.
There are over 200 different pokemon available, and they all actually contain their appropriate skills and stats.
If you'd like to give Pixelmon a go, make sure you download the mod first otherwise you you will likely have a very bad experience.
It can be downloaded from the official Pixelmon Website.

Pixelmon Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Server mod to enhance pixelmon/pokemon servers. Runs best on Technic.

Pixelspark Minecraft Servers

Pokemon Servers are servers which use the Pixelmon Plugin. Pixelmon lets you play, live, and battle with all of your favorite pokemon from the popular Nintendo based game of the early thousands, Pokemon. Can you be the greatest Pixelmon Master? Is that your dream? Fulfill that dream today by playing a pokemon or pixelmon server!

Pokemon Minecraft Servers

Description Html

Police Minecraft Servers

Popular servers with large amounts of players that play on them at the same time.

Popular Minecraft Servers

Servers that allow potions in player vs player combat. This adds and extra variable to pvp, which in turn makes pvp more challenging.

Potpvp Minecraft Servers

Servers which are noob friendly, whether you're new to creative, pvp, or survival, there will be people who will help you along your journey.

Practice Minecraft Servers

Prison Servers usually take place in an isolated space where the players are in "Prison". This does not neccesarily have to be a closed door prison, there are open mines for example. In a Prison Server the objective is to mine/collect ores and then sell those to a shopkeeper mob to obtain money. The more money the player obtains, the higher they will rise in the Prison ranks. As you progress the levels start gaining slower and slower. When you get better you usually progress into different maps/levels within the prison and eventually you will be able to obtain freedom. This is usually the end of the fun on that server though, so servers tend to make this process very slow!

Prison Minecraft Servers

Prop Hunt is a game mode inspired by Garry's Mod's prophunt game. There are two user groups, hunters and props. The props hide themselves in spots which seem inconspicuous. The hunters have to find them. If the hunters find all three prop users hunters win, if props survive, those props who remain undetected win!

Prop Hunt Minecraft Servers

Work together with other players to build, fight monsters, and quest! Most PVE servers focus on teamwork as opposed to PVP.

Pve Minecraft Servers

PVP is short for Player Versus Player. Anything to do with PVP means combat related activities between two players in multiplayer mode.
Each player equips themselves the best they can, using various armour and weapons to try and inflict as much damage on their opponent as possible.
This is a rather broad category, usually for a more refined search we recommened using one of the minigame sections such as the Skywars one.

Pvp Minecraft Servers

Quakecraft is a gamemode inspired by Quake, the fast paced shooter. This fast paced gamemode will put you in a, usually multi layered, map where the main objective is to kill as many enemies as possible. Movement speed is usually increased and Field of View may be increased as well.

Quakecraft Minecraft Servers

Servers which task their users with quests! RPG Feel, allows users to recieve rewards for completeing tasks such as making a cake for farmer joe, or for killing 20 spiders for spider slayer bella.

Quest Minecraft Servers

In Roleplay Servers the objective is totally different than in other Minecraft Servers, roleplay servers are typically the ones where you play for a long time.
Your character levels up, there is a system of progression, there are plugins in place to protect your assets such as your buildings.
Usually the communities on these are very friendly too. The downside of these servers is that they are usually pretty small.

Roleplay Minecraft Servers

Servers which promote roleplay, Create your own original character and go by that alias, work on your acting and writing skills!

Rp Minecraft Servers

RPG Servers are servers which have a role playing game element and a story written into the server. You play as a character which lives out an adventure fleshed by the developers of the RPG mode. Immerse yourself in a game-mode which is usually inspired by the amalgam of many developers' fantasies.

Rpg Minecraft Servers

These are servers based on the popular Java based Browser game by Jagex, Runescape. Get your full dragon armor and pillage the wilderness with your friends. Or maybe, go solo. The loot will be huge. When you're done make your way back to falador to auction off your massive loot in the park. We're sure the white knights won't mind you taking over their relaxation area for a little capital.

Runescape Minecraft Servers

Based off the popular game Rust, Minecraft Rust Servers spawn you on an island, you against the wilderness. Survive as long as you can.

Rust Minecraft Servers

School Roleplay, 6 hours not enough for you? Be a teacher, a principal or a superintendant. It's up to you! These are usually servers that are organized by people who go to the same school and play together, why not join in on the fun?

School Minecraft Servers

Semi Vanilla Servers are servers which use slight modifications to the game code to keep a vanilla feel, but at the same time offer quality of life benefits to their users such as /tpa commands. Some users even use vanilla minecraft textures with repurposed mob AI's to make boss battles and a higher quality experience, or a harder difficulty.

Semi Vanilla Minecraft Servers

Skyblock is a minigame that can be played with a very small amount of players.
The concept is simple, you are placed on a small island (3 blocks in each direction) with limited resources.
Now your objective is to make use of the available resources as best as you can to eat, build & survive.
Be warned though, at night things get really dangerous!

Skyblock Minecraft Servers

Skygrid is an interesting map mode where you are spawned in a block surrounded by void. Over time, blocks will randomly generate in a grid pattern around you. You will have to survive with this random assortment of blocks. Can you handle this rather extreme challenge? If you can, you may be a Minecraft Master.

Skygrid Minecraft Servers

Description Html

Skyrim Minecraft Servers

Skywars is a pvp based game that is usually played in larger teams. The different teams will all be deployed in different islands to start.
Each Island will have a couple chests and some resources on it to get the players going.
The players then try to visit each other and start building towards each other to cross the gap between the islands.
The team that remains alive the longest wins.
In the central point there is usually an island with loot too, with more valuable items than on the spawn point, therefore timing is key to get there as soon as possible!

Skywars Minecraft Servers

Slimefun is a vanilla alternative to tekkit, allows players to use jetpacks, automining, and more.

Slimefun Minecraft Servers

Small Servers are servers that we consider to be relatively small, as the name suggests.
The toplist automatically creates this list based on the amount of players that are online when collected by our pinging software.
On here you will only find servers that have 50 players or less online.

Small Minecraft Servers

Servers which use the gamemode for survival on multiplayer. SMP = Survival MultiPlayer

Smp Minecraft Servers

Survive in space, The setting is deep space in this minecraft mode. Take your ship to adventure to planets far and beyond. Can you survive in the hostile environments presented to you? Explore alien worlds, and maybe save an alien colony from destruction. Play today, space man.

Space Minecraft Servers

Minigame for Minecraft Servers where the last player standing wins! Stay alive while players mine the ground from beneath each other.

Spleef Minecraft Servers

Star Wars Servers are centered around Star Wars Roleplay, these servers are very likely to have mod packs around the star wars theme.

Star Wars Minecraft Servers

Where's my SUPER SUIT? Playing in these roleplay adventure servers will make you feel like the true hero you were always meant to be. Hero's vs villians, who will win the day? Save the populace!

Superhero Minecraft Servers

When playing Survival Mode players are challenged to the ultimatum, they have to to collect food to keep their hunger under control. Construct the greatest buildings to survive and fend off all the aggressive mobs that may cross their path.
It is important to note that while in Creative mode for example you obtain things for free, this is absolutely not the case in Survival mode.
You have to collect everything yourself, craft everything yourself and fight for everything yourself.
Survival is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Survival Minecraft Servers

Survival minecraft servers with an RPG Twist. Fall into your character and enjoy the story!

Survival Rpg Minecraft Servers

Survive as a team, some team survival servers will have anti friendly fire mechanics to keep your team members safe. How long can you survive?

Team Survival Minecraft Servers

Extremely popular pack of mods which focus on automating, industrializing, and powering your Minecraft worlds.

Tekkit Minecraft Servers

Tekkit Classic is the original Tekkit game mode which is an extremely popular pack of mods which focus on automating, industrializing, and powering your Minecraft worlds.

Tekkit Classic Minecraft Servers

Tekkit Legends is the original Tekkit gamemode, but then completely updated to match all the new updates of the main game.

Tekkit Legends Minecraft Servers

Servers which use the Tekkit Lite server modpack. This includes over 40 mods which greatly expand gameplay and ingame items.

Tekkit Lite Minecraft Servers

TNT is an explosive block that can be placed and be activated by Flint and Steel, a Redstone current, spreading Fire or Lava, a flaming Arrow, a nearby explosion (such as from more TNT or a creeper), or by a Dispenser.

Tnt Minecraft Servers

Dodge falling sand and survive TNT landmines. Last player standing wins!

Tnt Run Minecraft Servers

TNT Wars is a popular game mode which pits you and a group of players against eachother by the use of fun minigame challenges surrounding projectiles, TNT, and more. The first thing any player does when they make a creative server is see how much TNT they can flood their RAM sticks before the entire game breaks. Can you handle the particle effects? Can you handle your enemies? Find out now!

Tnt Wars Minecraft Servers

Tower Defense is a game mode in which you have an objective which you want to defend. You're tasked with building defenses with guns, turrets, walls and more to keep enemies from entering your base. Within Minecraft, this is usually done by having a build phase and an attack phase, where players build up their defences during the build phase, and then try to break in during the attack phase. By the end of the attack phase, if both players have captured the enemy's objective, it starts over again. If only one has, they win.

Tower Defense Minecraft Servers

Charter a city, run it well, build with your friends. Similar to factions, Towns servers allow you to claim a plot of land. Town management is player controlled and has solutions for pvp, griefing, economy and more.

Towns Minecraft Servers

Towny servers are servers on which the server is run as "towns", towns can claim pieces of land known as chunks.
And then players can claim land within that chunk. Only the player that purchased the plot can build on it.

Towny Minecraft Servers

Own your own buisness and make it grow! Get users to buy and sell on your behalf, this gamemode is all about money and resource management.

Tycoon Minecraft Servers

Ultra Hardcore or UHC is a gamemode where health regeneration is turned off and the only way to regen health is to consume golden apples or health regeneration potions. You only have one life so when you die, your world gets erased. Or, in UHC gamemodes on large hub/lobby you may be moved to spectator mode.

Ultra Hardcore Minecraft Servers

Vanilla is the default Minecraft Server without any further modifications. It is also how Notch, the inventor of Minecraft initially had intended Minecraft to be.
Afterwards several projects to mod the server software were invented such as the Bukkit Project
Bukkit introduced Plugin Support and quickstarted the entire Minecraft development scene.
If you're looking for a more thrilling experience, we suggest checking out the Minigames section.

Vanilla Minecraft Servers

Walls Servers are servers which start you in a restricted area surrounded by walls. After a short amount of time, the walls will come down and you will have to fight to defend your plot before your enimies take all your resources and stomp out your influence.

Walls Minecraft Servers

Servers which offer warzones explicitly for fast paced PvP

War Minecraft Servers

Windows 10 Edition is the version of Minecraft that was released by Minecraft to make it possible to play between computers and mobile devices. This version of the game is also commonly refered to as the Bedrock Edition.

Windows 10 Edition Minecraft Servers

Servers which allow users to use world edit, usually on plot worlds to create massvie builds. Beware, World Edit is a powerful tool which can be used for good or for evil!

World Edit Minecraft Servers

Servers with the YouTube tag applied are saying they're more than happy for youtubers to join their server. Many servers do not want the unneccesary attention of a minecraft youtube superstar joining their server, bringing their entire fan group with them.

Youtube Minecraft Servers

Zombie Survival Servers are just as their name implies. Survive against a horde of zombies. Sometimes you'll be in teams of two or more, other servers will offer this game mode as a solo gamemode. Survive as long as you can!

Zombie Survival Minecraft Servers