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Welcome to Shadow Craft, 

Welcome all to the server of Shadow Craft Currently under the changing of the name. We are a newer server which is still working out the bugs on the server. We have added a few fun plugins like Halloween scare and Slime fun onto the server and soon to be votifier votes so you guys can vote and get rewards. The server is run by NightShadow696 and TokyTea. They are currently working on a brand new spawn for you guys to enjoy. 

What makes us us?
Well what makes us who we are is we are a different kind of server. We have Towny, Chest shop, Slimefun, and a few other plugins and some getting set up for one of the best times of the year! Halloween. We take suggeestions of what kind of fun plugins you would like us to add and what you would like to see in the server! What do we do? We help all the new players on the server who needs help and dosnt understand some of the plugins or how to use them like towny! We have a friendly group of staff members and we have a website in progress! 

What are somethings that you offer?
Well somethings that we offer on the server is you joy. We never want someone to feel left out or to feel like they are hated. We add plugins and we reward players on their activeness like alot of other servers dont have. 

Why should you join?
Well i think you should join us on Shadow Craft so you can have fun either being in the wild or being in a town with tons of fun people. We always give the warmest Welcome to new people to show we care because a player count is what counts on the server! We love having new faces on the server having fun!

Shadow Craft
Server Information
Shadow Craft IP173.236.85.230
Discord Link
Registration DateSeptember 26, 2018
Last Pingedabout 11 hours ago
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag