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Shotbow Multiplayer Modded Server Lobby

Shotbow is a lobby server which connects you to your favorite shotbow network servers via proxy. The lobby serves as a hub which you can use to connect to any shotbow gamemode. Below is a list of our game modes.

Shotbow Game modes

  • Annihilation
    • 4 teams pitted against each other in insane PvP combat! Annihilation will test your skill, you must destroy your enemies nexuses while defending your own. Work together or be annihilated!
  • MineZ
    • Based on the Arma 2 mod, DayZ, Shotbow's MineZ places you in a post apocalyptic world. Civilization has come to an end, the zombie apocalypse has overtaken your continent. You are a survivor, you must continue to survive to ensure the continuation of living humans. Anyone with a legitimate copy of minecraft is welcome to join this adventure, hand written by Shotbow.
  • Mine Theft Auto
    • Based on the popular series Grand Theft Auto, you must complete missions to increase your skills. Build a safehouse, with custom cars, planes, helicopters, and boats, explore the city. Private servers are available for this game mode for a single player experience, or play with your friends in multiplayer mode. 
    • Based off Sethbling's SMASH Brother's redstone map, SMASH brings the exciting gameplay elements of Super Smash into Minecraft. Knock all players off the platform and be the last one standing! You'll have access to special tools such a double jump, SMASH attacks a selection of custom coded weapons, and a vast array of explosives to destroy the platform, forcing enemy players to be knocked down. Beware, it won't be easy to survive, you must learn the gamemode well, and with experience you will gain reputation as the greatest SMASH player of all time. 
  • Slaughter
    • Fast Paced PvE, Destroy waves of mobs to survive! Protect your home. For every hostile enemy you kill you earn coins, which you use to upgrade your weapons and defences. How long can you last? Only one way to find out.
  • Death By Void
    • EXTREME Parkour. With a new course daily, Death By Void offeres a unique take on the classic parkour minecraft server. You're forced to work creatively using ingame physics. Timing is everything. If you think you can handle it, give Death by Void a try today!
  • Civ-War
    • Based on Sid Meier's Civilization, Civ-war allows you to create your own Civilizations in minecraft. You must research and build up your civilization to move through the ranks. Make a civilization that stands the test of time. Civ-war is a game mode in which you gather resources and materials to build buildings within your civilization. You'll start with a camp, which contains a Longhouse, a small Garden, and a sifter. To maintain your camp you must keep coal within the furnaces in the town center to feed your eternal flame. The camp's cost is  4 coal per hour. As you upgrade, costs go up as well. With more  users, you'll be able to create a civilization which stands the test of time! Play today.
  • Ghost Craft
    • Shotbow's interpritation of the "The Hidden" mod. Nine players must work together to avoid being killed by the ghost, to win the game, you must become the ghost by attacking the current ghost, and kill all 9 other players. Or, be a survivor and destroy the ghost. Be careful, as attacking the ghost can turn you into one!

Server Rules

The Shotbow staff works hard daily to develop their plugins and would want nothing more for people to play them. Check Shotbow out at!

Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pingedabout 1 hour ago
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Version 1.12
CategoriesParkourHide and SeekModdedPVEFreeCityDayzMob ArenaCustom EnchantsTowns
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