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Universe A2 - We are simply the best server there is.


We have 5 server IPs to choose from

Factions & Hub -
Survival server -

Towny/MMORPG server -

Creative server -
Hunger Games server -

Our features:

- /shop Full Item Shop GUI

- Skyblock (includes its own item shop for purchasing Skyblock-related things)
- Creative (build anything and everything you want. No limits other than your own imagination)
- Paintball (blast the heck out of everyone in sight. Earn ranks and level up as you play more games)
- Classic Hunger Games (the original battle royale! Who needs Fortnite when you have the original, genre-defining classic?)
- Skywars (build epic bases and compete to be the king, or queen, of the sky!)
- Parkour (PvP is enabled in most arenas, so watch out!)
- Jump Maps filled with mob spawners
- KitPVP (TF2 based, use all of your favorite TF2 gadgets and gizmos on the battlefield)
- TNTRun

Our factions server itself also is packed full of these awesome features:

•    Custom Enchants (Heroic Legendary Ultimate Rare Uncommon Common)
•    Crates (Heroic Legendary KOTH Ultimate Rare Uncommon Enchanter and Common)
•    KOTH (King of the hill)
•    Display item (You have to told an item in your inventory and type [item] it will display the item in your hand)
•    Banknotes (/withdraw %amount% a fancy way to flex your money with [item] as well. Also is redeemable with a right click on the note.)
•    New Custom Terrain
•    Shockwave Pickaxe's (These pickaxes mine out a 3x3 5x5 7x7 radius from one block)
•    Money Pouches (Tier Based 1-5) /mpouch buy
•    Revamped PvP (Once getting a kill you receive positive effects)
•    New Factions Plugin

And it also has these new things coming soon:

-    Reaction Chat
-    Outposts
-    Custom Bosses
-    Improved Display Item mechanic...
And More!

TheWild Season 2

/server TheWild Would like to present to you: Season 2.
In the past season, we had lots of fun times, met new friends, and experienced the epic King’s Landing amazing lead over all the towns and nations. Now everyone has new opportunity to rule them all.
As we promised, we will keep our Towny Server always updated to the newest Minecraft versions. TheWild Season 2 is now officially 1.15.2.
And that’s not all. We have been through a lot of work, to have almost all of our plugins custom-made. Our in-house Development Team has made them.
The biggest feature of them all is that we are introducing the merge of the new mode with Towny.
RPG is now implemented on the Towny server, you can build your Character upon Class Selection, level it up based on Stats, and have good usage of the Active/Passive Abilities for PVP,PVE and WAR-Event.
There are 6 Classes for now, which can bring a lot into the town's and nation's combat-strategic plan.
This season there will be active WAR-Events without griefing the lands; Only winning by Player-Kill Count.
New Features:
•    Custom RPG Game-Play
•    Custom World
•    Custom RPG StoryLine
•    Custom Mining Experience
•    Rituals and skills
•    Best Cosmetics to Customize your players
•    Custom Game Design / Unique Experience
•    Better Mobs and Bosses (EliteMobs)
•    Player-Run Economy
•    Jobs
•    Disguises
•    War
•    Chat Races
•    Block Races
•    BackPacks
•    Elite Enchants
•    Monthly Story Events
•    Race based Quests
•    Customizable per Player Skills w/ Animations
•    Combat bots
- And many more! The server is no longer in Beta-Release, but we still are releasing periodic updates, bug fixes, and improvements!

“We are so thankful to partner with SkaiaCraft and be official partnered-server with them.
SkaiaCraft has been there for all of us since 2013, brought us hope, joy, support and most of all gave us place to call it home for up to +120.000 registered members.”
- TheWild Towny.
We also want to give special credit to TheWild Staff team that was always there for us, the beta testers and their big support, and our friends who lend their help which means a lot for us.

Why should you join SkaiaCraft, over the 10,000 other Faction servers?
- Grief Protection and Rollback: Never lose out due to nonsense griefers again
- FREE CREATIVE: No extra cost to do absolutely anything you want or obtain a good plot of land
- No lag, up 24-7: Epic host that will make sure you have the power to play smoothly whenever you want
- Staff always helping YOU: Be kind to them and they will be there to help you anytime you need
- Cracked forever!

Don't settle for just any server.

Created for the Homestucks.

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We are simply the best server there is. Tee hee.

SkaiaCraft Cracked Towny and Factions
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