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Server is running on 1.12
Welcome to
Skylands Adrift Ep.2: Era of Gold

Spawn into a world of pirates and smugglers, traders and merchants.
Sail the skylands using airships.
Start a crew with your allies, join a faction, take part in epic battles of warships and cannons.

A 8000×8000 blocks map is waiting for you to explore it
Full of abandoned bases, pirate towns, bloodmines, shipwrecks and flying islands of course
Struggle as you gather things you need for your base
Gather iron nuggets which can be used as ammunition in firearms like the blunderbuss,
with custom crafting recipes!

What we offer:

Unique gameplay
A great survival experience
A mature community
Content for hardcore players
Focus on pirates
A dedicated website and forum
Secret locations
Balanced raiding system using cannons (No TNT)


Skylands - Find a good island to raid or set up your base! Our map is 8000x8000 blocks large
Movecraft - Prepare yourself for air ships and air fights! We offer several ship classes
Custom Biomes - A number of custom biomes created only for Skylands Adrift
Factions - Create or join a faction and wage war and make alliances!
Economics - Earn physical currency through killing and trading!
Treasure hunts - Take your crew and loot rare materials!
Blood mines - Regenerating ore caves filled with mobs!
Cannons - Blow up ships and raid enemy bases!
Old style combat - 1.8 combat

Who we are:

A carefully selected staff team
People with high and long experience of server and community care
People with an interest in Minecraft, Movecraft and Skylands

Server Rules:

  • Respect your fellow players and use common sense
  • No insulting or discrimination due to various reasons (race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.)
  • No spam killing or spawn killing
  • Speak English in public chat
  • Mature swearing is okay
  • Do not exploit the system by using bugs, hacks, cheats, loopholes or other illicit methods
  • Show respect for our hard working staff members who sacrificed their free time to get this server released
  • Do not ask for joining staff, teleport, item spawning or refunds
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed due to possible exploits
  • Stealing ships, items or killing players inside of Trader’s Harbour is forbidden and results in a permanent ban
  • No 1x1, 1x2, 2x2 towers and bridges
  • Chop down your floating trees
  • Don't spam the chat and don't advertise
For more information about our server, check out our website
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Skylands Adrift
Server Information
Skylands Adrift
Registration DateJuly 31, 2017
Last Pinged25 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryGermany flag