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Hello, and welcome to Something SMP!

Server specs: (I am aware that the server specs are bad :P I was not originally planning on publically posting the server, and I will be upgrading it if enough people join)
Control Panel: Pebblehost
Drive: NVMe SSD

About me:

Hello! I am a 17-year-old boy from Denmark, that loves to play Minecraft! I was originally planning on just playing with my friends on this server, but there are only about 3 active players that play on it. I love meeting new people, and I hope I can get some new friends from this server.

About Something SMP:
As I previously stated, I was not originally planning on posting this server here, which is why the specs suck.
But that doesn't stop it from being a lot of fun!

The server is an ORIGINS server. It is Mohist-based, which is a combination of Forge, Bukkit and Spigot, allowing for mods and Plugins at the same time. It also has quite a few mods, including Create, VoiceChat, Tinkers Construct & Tetra.

Here is a list of all the mods:


- BanItem
- CoreProtect
- DiscordSRV
- Dynmap
- EssentialsX
- LaggRemover
- Luckperms
- Abnormals Core
- Absent By Design
- Adorn
- Architectury
- Astikorcarts
- Bedspreads
- BetterSafeBed
- Caelus
- Cloth Config
- Comforts
- Corpse
- Decorative blocks
- Extraboats
- Kotlin
- Mantle
- MoreVanillaWeapons
- Natures Compass
- Origins
- Polymorph
- Reaper mod
- Swing Through Grass
- Tinkers Construct
- Tetra
- VoiceChat
- Custom Capes
- Yungs API
- Yungs Extras

We are an open community, and new players are always welcome :).
The Enderdragon has not yet been slain, and you will not be far behind if you join now. We are planning to make an event where we slay the enderdragon.

How to join:
- Join the server Discord
- Send an application to join (Please fill this in thoroughly, as we would like serious players)
- Get approved and whitelisted
- Join and have fun!

- You need to be at least 14 years old.
- You need to install Origins mod. There is a tutorial for this in the discord server

Something SMP
Server Information
Something SMP IP146.59.21.223:25577
Discord Link
Registration DateMay 24, 2021
Last Pinged5 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16.5
CategoriesSurvivalModdedSemi Vanilla
CountryEurope flag