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Welcome to Stellar MC

A server hosting a variety of different Minecraft games and minigames such as Factions and Survival. Plenty of other minigames and extras exist using our special custom plugins. We are a friendly and happy community that is welcoming to everyone. You can visit our server using the IP:

Or visit our website and forums here:


StellarMC was created by a small community of Minecraft lovers who banded together to make this magnificent server. We are mainly a factions server, but we do other game modes and minigames to anyone who isn't a fan of factions. We give out prizes for faction winners and top voters in the form of store credit and keys. There is also a grand prize of $150 for the winner of the factions. Come join in on the fun!


We have a donation store setup for you to easily purchase and receive ingame benefits. We sell several different ranks, keys and extra items. Unbans may be purchased, however take note that it is still possible for you to be banned again afterwards. See the section below to view our rules and policies, if you follow these you should have no troubles with this. All purchases are final - refunds are not issued and chargebacks will result in a ban. We are adamant about keeping it as P2W-free as possible, almost all items are only cosmetic.


The majority of our rules are all common sense. If you think you are doing something wrong, you probably are.

  • Be Respectful - treat all players and staff with respect. This is the biggest and most important rule to follow, respect your fellow players and staff and you will not run into any problems.
  • No spamming or advertising
  • No swearing or excessive explicit language
  • Refusing to screenshare or using hacks is an immediate ban

Full list of rules can be found here.

Steller MC
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Steller MC
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Registration DateMarch 11, 2018
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Version 1.12
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