Superior Prisons (JUST RELEASED)

Superior Prisons (JUST RELEASED)

Superior Prisons (JUST RELEASED) ip:

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Looking for a high quality, lag free prison server? Superior Prisons is exactly that, we provide a smooth prison experience, with several custom features, but also some common classics. We also support all versions from 1.8-1.16

Some exciting features you can expect..
1) A Well balanced economy, with many ways to increase the baltop ladder, gone are the constant boring days of mining yourself.
2) A Unique take on islands, you and your fellow prison inmates can group together and fight for a top island position
3) Personal plot mines which you and some friends can share to mine on your own without having to fight with other inmates
4) Island robots which will constantly mine and grind for you whilst you are away, these can mine tokens, money and even beacons..
5) Several server events such as Bosses, Outposts & Tournaments
6) Classic prison features such as Jackpots, Chat Reaction Games, Vote Parties and more.
And many, many more..

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Superior Prisons (JUST RELEASED)
Server Information
Registration DateNovember 29, 2020
Last Pingedabout 7 hours ago
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Version 1.8
CategoriesParkourPrisonPVPVanillaKit PVPOP PrisonDuelOP PVP
CountryUnited States of America flag