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Have you ever wanted to play as a supernatural class? Ever wanted to see what it was like to play as a Vampire, Werewolf, Necromancer, Ghoul, Demon, or try and hunt them down as a Witchhunter or Priest? If so, Supernatural Network is the place for you! We have unique classes, with a unique and custom made plugin based off of the 2009 favorite Supernatural Classes. Explore the world, find or make towns, and hunt down other people for sports.

Each class has it's own unique set of skills, pro's and cons. All of which you can find on our website

A unique bounty system allows you to set bounties on other people, and Witchhunters are able to claim them for cash!

Tanks, DPS, Supports, and all of your normal RPG roles are also included with each and every class.

Supernatural Network
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Registration DateDecember 03, 2020
Last Pingedabout 1 month ago
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Version 1.16.1+
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