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Version 1.12.2
IP: play.swancraftmc.com

SwanCraft, our community comes first. Social atmosphere, and comfortable playing
Our staff will support you along the way. Mature staff members are here to ensure just actions.
Our goal is to give you a unique and supreme MineCraft experience.

Our server is semi-vanilla meaning we keep game play as close to vanilla as possible, but at the same time we offer quality of life improvements to the base game such as /tpa and /sethome.

Grief Prevention
SwanCraft employs a plugin which ensures your land is yours. Claim your land and only you can edit.
Without having to worry about griefing and raiding, it gives you a greater sense of relaxation while letting the admins work on future projects!

Our rank system is tied in with votifier. For every vote you go up in rank.
As there are seven sites we allow voting on, you can gain up to seven votes every 24 hours.
The higher your rank is, you'll gain access to custom commands and items!
Rank commands include /workbench, /nick, /enderchest, and kits.

For every vote, you will receive a SwanKey for use at spawn.
SwanKey's open the SwanCrate located at spawn.
There are many awards to be looted, but don't be fooled, this may be a gamble!
Some cases, you'll win amazing items and other times you might get dirt. This is to ensure there is no buy to win!
Because of this, when you get that sharpness V sword, you'll feel great :)
Our DonationCrate has a higher chance of getting OP Items. A lower chance at dirt, a higher chance at sharpness V

Community Feel
Start a town! Meet new users, our environment is community friendly!
We are accepting of all, if you have an issues you'd like to forward to us, please do. We will listen. Our community is bustling with happy positive people. 

Multiple events are held monthly, usually at different times of the day. This is to ensure that all members located in all time zones are allowed to join in on the fun! If we can't make that happen, let us know and we'll see what we can do for you :)

Player Shops
Come browse our Player Market!
To keep a vanilla feel, we do not use a currency plugin. We use in game items for currency.

IP: play.swancraftmc.com

Server Information
SwanCraft IPplay.swancraftmc.com
Discord Linkhttp://discord.gg/PYCxaCe
Registration DateSeptember 14, 2017
Last Pingedabout 16 hours ago
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Version 1.12.2
CategoriesPVEPVPSurvivalVanillaSemi VanillaSMPCommunity
CountryCanada flag
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