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Taylor's Revenge

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This is the Twisted and Dark story of Taylor's Revenge. 

You and your girlfriend of two years decide for a nice night out on the town. You go to NewIsle's finest nightclub for some drinks and the wild atmosphere. The nightclub is owned by an acquaintance of yours, the Mayor of NewIsle. You feel as though this is the perfect night to pop the question. After going to the club, you were planning on going somewhere nice with her. You've envisioned this day for the last few months, and you're ready to get on your knee and ask for her hand. 

You motion to Fiona to get going, but on your way out, the Mayor wants to have a minute alone with her. You want to get along with your perfectly planned night but you know not to disrupt the Mayor. You've always been jealous, and she's known that. Knowing better than to get you flustered, she declined. The Mayor was not happy with this decision. You see, he's somewhat of an oligarch, and you know this. The Mayor always gets what he wants. You know not to get in his way. You start to get a feeling deep in your stomach of despair. You knew that at that moment your treasured time with Fiona was more than likely gone forever. Your night has been foiled. She tries to leave but the Mayor makes swift eye contact with the guard at the door. He understands that this means, "She's not leaving until I say so."

The Mayor whispers to his henchmen, Robson. Robson motions to the guard who has been holding Fiona back to keep her from leaving. The guard loosens his restraint. She takes a step outside, she feels the cold chill of the nightclub graze her supple skin. You feel a heavy burden lifted from you as you realize she's made it out alive. You feel that she is safe now. But in an instant, like a flash, you hear a sound that nearly bursts your eardrums. You've never heard a bang that loud before. Following the bang, a sanguine cloud atomizes around her head, followed by her crashing down to her knees. 

You feel time slow, the feeling in your stomach has resurfaced, this feeling has boiled into a maddening rage. You can feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you lunge towards the mayor in a bloodlust. All the time, Robson has been lurking towards you. You feel a crash in the back of your head. Robson has just hit you with a tire iron. You feel yourself passing out. Your rage turns into desperation and dispair as you begin to realize, the woman you love, the center of your affection has just been brutally murdered by a spoiled manchild. 

You awake in prison. You've been blamed for the murder by the Mayor. He claimed that it wasn't your gun, but it was in your possession. Robson testified that he had to hit you with a tire iron to save the people in the nightclub just one room over. Shielded from the events, nobody was able to testify against them. You've been punished just under three life sentences, 55 years.

You wake up, eat, and do your daily prison duties with this moment festering away in your mind. Every day you reflect on your false imprisonment. Again and again and again. Prison with this infinite replay of events is torture, all you can think of is revenge. This fuels you. You want to escape. Several days into your campaign, you overhear a plan to escape from a prisoner a cell over. You see him in the yard, meet him in the cut. You tell him your story and that you want in. 

Will you get your revenge against the mayor? There's only one way to find out. Play "Taylor's Revenge" today.

Taylor's Revenge
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