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TeaMC is Minecraft's #1 Cracked Network featuring original and custom developed servers. We currently offer Skyblock, OP-Factions KitPVP & Survival. Ran by individuals with many years of development experience, You'll not find a better Minecraft experience than TeaMC!

Running on our own dedicated server with integrated DDoS protection we can truly offer you a fantastic gaming experience lag free.

You can claim a free VIP Donator rank by doing /claimrank ingame!

Server IP:

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TeaMC *Click for FREE VIP*
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateApril 23, 2022
Last Pinged29 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.18.2
CategoriesEconomyMinigamesPVPSkyblockSurvivalTNT RunCrackedKit PVPOP Factions
CountryGermany flag