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We are TerminalMC, a great community to play a unique brand of Minecraft Survival!

Almost all of our features are custom made such as: Languages, Currencies, squads and much more! We provide you with only the best plugins that will give you a special and memorable experience on our server. Our staff are helpful and friendly, they will be able to assist you with any problems you may run into. In case you run into any problems or bugs, please make sure you report them to a staff member immediately to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We support 2 different languages: English and Dutch. You may speak either in the server chat, but please be kind and respect users using a different language. Respect goes both ways, be kind to one another!

Play now at: terminal-mc.com

Rules of our server

Standard rules:

You may not hack or cheat, this is to keep the game fair for everyone playing. 

  • Do not use the X-Ray resource pack or client
  • Autoclicking, fly hacks, mob-aura, killaura or any type of modded client is not allowed whatsoever
  • Exploiting glitches for your own personal gain or that give you an unfair disadvantage
  • Do not take advantage of other rule breakers using hacks,  this means you cannot benefit from a friend using hacks as you will be held accountable too
  • Do not use multiple accounts to farm kills or gain more rewards to transfer to your other account
  • Do not bypass the AFK-kick timers

Show respect to all users and staff.

  • Do not harass any player for any reason
  • Spamming the chat, user messages, invites, etc. is not tolerated, and you risk being muted from these actions
  • Swearing and explicit content should be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Discrimination of any kind, whether this is race, religion, gender, etc. will not be tolerated

A full list of rules and punishments can be found here.

Server Information
TerminalMC IPterminal-mc.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/pzthp8m
Registration DateMay 15, 2018
Last Pingedabout 15 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13.2
CountryUnited Kingdom flag