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We're glad to say after 3 years of The Crafters Network being offline, we will be releasing the network again! However we will be starting again from scratch so if you or anyone finds a bug/issue then please report it on the forums or send us a message in the Discord Channel (Link Below). We have released Factions and Creative so far, but we are releasing more servers over the coming weeks, so leave your suggestions on what we should do next! When: Friday 23rd February 2018 Time: 9PM (GMT) Server IP: Server Website: Discord Channel: Donation Store: Support Email: Please note the forums are offline, until they are fully polished off and is how we want them! We hope to see you ingame and enjoy having the network back up! From, The Crafters Network Admin Team

The Crafters Network
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Registration DateFebruary 27, 2018
Last Pinged19 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
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