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  Hey, dear player!
  I'm Vergor, TheGreenCod's owner. And I want to
tell you that my server is something with
huge potential. And that's because I had
lots of servers in the past and I know
how to make you like the colors, the gameplay
and such! But TheGC is something special even
for me, because it brings us in the
simple way of playing the game! With your
friends and maybe even your family! It has
space for all of us and it's made for serious
people like you! It's made to give you a
memorable and beautiful experience! Please,
try to be as family friendly as possible and
make the most important thing a gamer can
do: enjoy the game!!! <3

The Green Cod
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The Green Cod
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Registration DateDecember 14, 2018
Last Pinged20 days ago
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Version 1.13.2
CategoriesCrafting DeadMedieval
CountryUnited States of America flag