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It is the year 2500. For more than three centuries, the Megacorps have ruled over Earth, with power granted to them by their control over the markets. They are more powerful than the nations which birthed them, and they compete fiercely for the dwindling resources of a ravaged Earth. They send armies millions strong to die for the what little is left, while their employees live in squalor, many resorting to a life of crime in order to survive.

The RTOS Corporation was proud of how much the company had expanded. It was massively influential in the automation, mining, and esoteric weapons industries. It was also under threat from the MooseCorp, the largest and most powerful of all the Megacorps. RTOS used its expertise in esoteric technology to develop a virus to target and destroy all products made by MooseCorp. The RTOS Corporation would free the slave-employees of MooseCorp while simultaneously destroying the one company standing between RTOS and total market domination.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. MooseCorp technology was everywhere- from farming equipment to trains to consumer electronics, and most importantly, in the control panels for their company nukes. When the control panels failed, the nuclear missiles of MooseCorp were unleased on the world, and the world responded by launching nukes at MooseCorp. This caused an atomic armageddon which seared the landscape and nearly extinguished all of humanity.


The few survivors struggle to fight against biological horrors, monstrous mutants spawned from the radiation of the bomb. They squat in long-abandoned cities, filled with dangerous half-broken technology.
The survivors are tasked with rebuilding a new world from the ashes of the old. But first, they must defend against the horrors of the apocalypse and rediscover the technological expertise that was lost, but can be found in the ruins of society.

And one last thing- do not be seen by the Fallen, or you and whatever meager shelter you have managed to build will be destroyed like the ones before. God bless your soul.


Mankind Last Stand
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