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Forget everything you know about Roleplay. Lord of the Craft is here to offer a radically different, impressively immersive journey into a genuine medieval fantasy universe.

Lord of the Craft is a so-called "hardcore" Roleplay server. We distinguish ourselves from the more popular RPG genre by requiring that everyone remain in-character while they play. In our server, you create your own character (Persona) and experience the world through their eyes. You will meet scores of others also living their lives, and as you go on you will make many friends (or enemies), each of which will influence your character as you might influence them.

As you play, your character can develop into almost anything you can imagine. Perhaps they will become a farmer. Or open their own roadside tavern and meet fascinating travelers from all walks of life. Or hunt monsters and plunder their hoards. Or strive to become the worlds most powerful mage. Perhaps they will even become King, and have an army of players of their own. The choice is yours.

We maintain a stringent whitelisting process to ensure a high quality of incoming players. We want to make sure you are as committed to a mutually enjoyable Roleplay experience as we all are. Maturity and quality of play are both very important to us. Yet despite this process we continue to place ourselves amongst the largest Minecraft servers in the world. Indeed, in the realm of Roleplay we are second to none.

Whether it's adventure, priceless artifacts, ancient magics, or simply a tavern to unwind at after a long day's work, Atlas has what you've been looking for.

~* Features *~
Here are just some of the features you can expect when you join the Lord of the Craft:

  • An ongoing storyline revolving around the ancient realm of Atlas and the mysteries that still linger there. Enjoy exploring a gorgeous, handcrafted map with a diverse and awe-inspiring landscape, dotted with features both natural and unnatural.
  • A diverse set of races and creatures all trying to live together on a single map. Oftentimes they live in harmony, sometimes not so much.
  • Volumes upon volumes of lore for you to customize and progress your own character exactly to your wishes. Call upon a variety of powerful magics and divine beings to aid and empower you on your journey.
  • The ability to found your own town or city and have other players join as you grow larger and more prosperous. Or enjoy some of the gorgeous homes that have already been crafted for you by others who are only too eager to have you join. Lord of the Craft's build team is world-class and highly experienced.
  • An intricate, player-orchestrated political landscape that allows the players to participate. Prosperity and turmoil can lead to world-scale level battles where literally hundreds of players duke it out on the battlefield at once.
  • Custom plugins almost too numerous to count. Countless features and commands exist on our server that you will not find anywhere else. We have custom-coded nearly all of our plugins to ensure our server provides an unique experience and meets our diverse and stringent Roleplay requirements.

Lord of the Craft is an entirely not-for-profit project, ran for the community, by the community. We reject pay-to-win as we understand that Roleplay should have no concept of winning or losing. We also invite dozens of community volunteers to get involved and contribute in every aspect of our server, whether it is the development of storyline, lore, rules or moderation. At Lord of the Craft, the players are in control.

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