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The Splash is a simple survival server, with a few implemented features to assure your experience is most enjoyable. We take pride in our community, and think you would fit in nicely! Come join us today, sit back, relax, survive, and thrive.

We offer the following:
Pets | Loving pets that stick by your side, and help you survive.
Trading | Fraud protected trading system, which makes trading with players easier than ever.
Quests | Fun and rewarding quests to keep your game-play spicy at all times.
Jobs | Rewarding jobs that keep you wanting to do more, always.
Villages | Create or join a village, which makes surviving with other players way more fun.
Player Warps | Create your own warps, which other players can teleport to!
And much, more. Come see for yourself!


The Splash
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The Splash
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Registration DateAugust 26, 2019
Last Pingedabout 1 month ago
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Version 1.13
CategoriesPVPSmallFunPVESurvivalFreePopularFarmingNon OPTowns
CountryUnited States of America flag