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The Xcellent Zone is a friendly server that was started by a team known as: “The Xcellent Crew” from the popular YouTube channel “xemptfulgamer” with the goal of making a server for everyone to have a great time and a LOT of fun! What could you expect on this server?!

  • Unique Quest

  • Custom Minigames - We feature tons of custom minigames that are available only on our server. You'll never run out things to do here... check them out!

    • LaserTag

    • Snowball Fight

    • Jimbo’s Kitten Adventure

    • And MUCH more!!!

  • Survival - Give yourself a challenge! Take a break from creative mode and do your best to survive in the world.

  • Creative - Make epic builds with your friends, grief protection enabled to ensure nothing you build is harmed in any way.

  • Ranks - Rank up as you play! Ranks in Xcellentzone can be earned through gameplay.

  • Towns - Jump into a town! Get a job, claim your house, enjoy roleplaying!

  • Parkour - Our parkour area features a variety of unique courses with their own special obstacles for you to overcome. Do you think you can clear them?

  • PVP - Take on other players in fast paced Minecraft style PVP. There are plenty of different combat styles to choose from, gear up and slay your enemies!

So join us now! Come enjoy our “Xcellent” community!





Like any other server, there are rules and they should be followed! Here are our rules to the XcellentZone!

  • No Advertising other servers

  • No hacking of any sorts! (Hacking is a big no no)

  • No Raiding or Griefing. We don’t allow any sort of that! Will result to concequences

  • No swearing,spamming or CAPS

  • Respect players and staff equally. (One does not get respect if they don’t give it first)

  • Don’t ask for staff! Got to /warp mod

  • Play nice (don’t be rude,rage or annoy others)

  • Please refrain from discussing politics/religion

And most IMPORTANTLY! Have fun!!!

The XcellentZone
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The XcellentZone
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Registration DateMarch 21, 2018
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Version 1.12
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