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Welcome to Tiki-Craft - a non-grief, mature, no PvP server!

Our server has lots of great features, let's take a look at some of the great things we have to offer!

We offer ranks for our donators via our shop, or you can earn them through in-game systems. Tiki Craft is loaded with custom plugins that will make your experience unique and one of a kind. We feature other popular plugins to improve gameplay such as GeneralMarket, GChestShop, PlotMe, and loads more of these top of the line plugins. We do not offer Factions, Towny, or other game modes. We focused on good old fashioned building!

At Tiki, we believe the feature of our server is our players. Upon joining, you will be greeted with lots of warm welcomes, and you'll be able to find someone to help you with anything you may need to know - staff member or not, our players are all wonderful. If you need help, we're all right here to assist you. We are a mature and friendly community with a dedication to creating a non-toxic and helpful environment. We have a continually growing playerbase of over 32,000 players!

Some of our rules:

  • Do not grief other players' creations
  • Do not use illegal modifications/hacks
  • Be respectful towards other players
  • Do not spam/advertise other servers
  • Do not swear or use abusive language

How do we define griefing?

In Minecraft, it is a term used when someone breaks something that is not theirs. On our server, less than three blocks does not count as a noteworthy grief, unless those blocks are significant to the creation or are worth a lot. Destroying property, creating offensive or inappropriate structures, abusive mob spawning, lava/water griefing and killing others' mobs are some forms of griefing. Do not grief, you will be caught and logged into our anti-grief plugin system.

All staff are repsonive and supportive. Please check us out at our website tiki-craft.com!

IP: mc.tiki-craft.com

Server Owner: northmeister

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Tiki-Craft IPmc.tiki-craft.com
Registration DateMay 06, 2018
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Version 1.13.1
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