TricketyNET | PvP Netzwerk [1.7 - 1.18] IP:

TricketyNET | PvP Netzwerk [1.7 - 1.18] IP:

TricketyNET | PvP Netzwerk [1.7 - 1.18] IP: ip:

Vote For TricketyNET | PvP Netzwerk [1.7 - 1.18] IP:

Large selection of minigames / game modes:

- BedWars

- SkyWars

- SurvivalGames

- QuickSurvivalGames

- SuperJump


- SkyWarsFFA

- UHC Games

- Falldown

- Worlds (Survival)

Supported versions (1.7-1.18):

- Our server supports all versions starting with 1.7 up to 1.18.

- We will always try to support a new version as soon as possible.

- Even if your friends play a different version than you, it doesn't matter.

About us:

We are a young ambitious server team whose core has been working together for 5 years. And Minecraft server has led up to 500 average online players. We have an excellent developer team that does everything themselves and is constantly working on new stuff. Our builder team also works around the clock to provide you with new beautiful maps. They are also constantly working on new concepts for the server. Our moderation team is happy to help with any concerns and keep things friendly.

If you want to be part of our server team you can contact us on our Discord:

TricketyNET | PvP Netzwerk [1.7 - 1.18] IP:
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateDecember 30, 2021
Last Pinged25 days ago
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Version 1.7
CategoriesPVPSkywarsSurvivalCrackedBed Wars
CountryGermany flag