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Advanced Server for advanced minecrafters - Free, dedicated server, 24/7, lagfree - Survival with multiple worlds, 128x128 lots for all - Griefer-safe, frequent updates of plugins - good community, friendly admins, server live since October 2010 - Minecart Mania, Worldguard, Towny


We have a variety of plugins installed to help with your all of your gameplay needs. Everything is as up to date as possible to ensure a smooth experience from the time you login to the time you log out. It's so seamless, you may not even want to stop playing.

A unique user Karma system! Similar to the Reddit style of karma, you can +1 or -1 karma based on how you think they are doing while playing the server. You can even view a highscores of the user karma throughout the entire server right on our website. Will you be the a helpful good karma player, or do you want to rule over the server as a vindictive negative karma king? Find out!

Custom minecart management! We run a custom plugin built especially for the server that allows much easier access to minecart movement and abilities. You'll be able to steer them much smoother than the vanilla controls which can be unstable and inaccurate. Different blocks offer different minecart speeds, choose whether you want to be a speed demon or slow as a snail.

Voting system for promotions! You can propose and for any player on the server to be promoted. There are some set rules to keep the system fair, such as not being allowed to ask for votes or promotion ideas. You must be at least the Citizen rank in order to be proposed for a promotion, this way we know any potential promotions have some experience with the server. There is a time limit between promotions, once you have been promoted, or have failed, you will need to wait a bit before you can try again.

Much much more! Check out our site for the full scoop on what our particular MC server has to offer, you may find something you like!

uncovery minecraft
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pingedabout 18 hours ago
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag
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