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Hello and Welcome to UntamedCraft!

UntamedCraft is an amalgamation of everything we loved from all the experience we've gathered over the years. Of course, we have the usual and typical plugins that most survival servers have such as McMMO, Jobs, Marriage, Grief Prevention, etc. But we feel like that survival server, in general, all consist of the same things and plugins. So, why join us? Because, along with our years of extensive server playing, we noticed one major thing that servers neglect: the Community.

We strongly feel and believe that the community is the actual backbone of any successful servers. We know that most servers, if not all, do say the same thing about how Community is such a big deal for them but fail to deliver on that. We can assure you, we are not the same. We put such high emphasis on Community that we do know how to make the gaming experience a great one for the players. Whether that's through contests, drop parties, sales, events, or just having a strong Staff presence to be at the players' disposal, the possibilities are endless! We also have a Discord and Twitter in case anyone needed to get in touch with us when we're not online. So, to recap...

TLDR; UntamedCraft

UntamedCraft is an up-and-coming, semi-survival server where surviving out in the wild is the name of the game with a huge emphasis on building a great community. We have a few familiar plugins such as McMMO, AutoRanks, Jobs, Marriage, Economy, PVE, PVP, Grief Prevention, Parkour, Custom Enchants, and many more! Not only that, we boast 24/7 uptime, great community, and mature staff!!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us! Let's go survive out in this big, wild world :)

IP: untamedcraft.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/craft_untamed
Discord: https://discord.gg/hxAVeKp

Server Information
UntamedCraft IPuntamedcraft.com
Discord Linkhttp://Discord: https://discord.gg/hxAVeKp
Registration DateSeptember 29, 2018
Last Pinged10 minutes ago
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Version 1.13.1
CategoriesParkourPVPSmallFunNeed StaffSMPCreativeEconomyPVESurvival
CountryUnited States of America flag