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The VA Network is a Minecraft multiplayer server network running on 1.15.2. VA Network hopes to provide a fun and enjoyable environment where users can play together, be creative, build relationships, improve their teamwork skills, but most of all to have a good time!


  • A big Hub/Lobby server - With cosmetic items, pets, and games that you can play with your friends.
  • SMP - A semi-vanilla, modified survival server. Survive alone or with friends. (Coming Soon!)
  • Factions - A server about diplomacy and war. Declare wars and forge alliances. Fight over land and manage your monetary expenses all while playing survival!
  • Survival Games - Based on the Hunger Games novel and movie series, the original battle royale game. Find resources around the map to help you survive and be the last one standing.
  • Automated UHC - Collect resources and fight to be the last one standing. (With custom buffs that you can vote on before the match starts)
  • Network-wide in-game economy system. - Did you win a match of UHC? Well, you can spend your winnings on any of our other servers.
  • Kind, fun-loving staff - The staff on our server like to chat and play on the servers just like you! You will likely come across at least one of them playing on a server that you are on.
  • We are not a "pay-to-win" server. Spending money on ranks does get you benefits, but it does not impact the core gameplay of the server. This gives everyone a fair chance of thriving on the server.
  • Operated by content creators. - The server is co-owned and run by two content creators, Twisted VorteK and ZandercraftGames. You will probably see them streaming/recording on the server at times.
  • Family-friendly - Our servers are rated PG and have anti-swear filters installed, along with rules against inappropriate actions/builds. This ensures a safe and friendly environment for all users. (Although, the GDPR requires that you must be over the age of 13 to play on our server)

VA Network
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VA Network
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Registration DateJune 17, 2020
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Version 1.16.1
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