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Valhalla SMP Reborn

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Welcome to Valhalla SMP Reborn!

We are a freshly started server, following a medieval/fantasy theme.
No griefing allowed. PVP allowed in selected area's and the wilderness.
You can join a town or start one for yourself. Or you can make own base with your friends and protect it with claim blocks.
We have Towny with war, economy, player shops, voting ranks, and many more.
Voting grants claimblocks and other perks! We offer many vote sites. So you can maximise your rewards!

Our server rules are found on our discord, but here's a summary:
• No griefing
• Respect others/no harmful behaviour/language.
• No cheating

Added Features:
• Collect player heads!
• Set up a shop!
• Voting ranks and more!
• Towny with wars, weekends only.
• We offer the vanilla Minecraft experience with not many unnecessary things added
• Java/bedrock cross-play
• Proximity chat linked with discord. (How-to in our discord)
• Friendly/respectful Staff team/Community
• Server is perfect and should offer no lag.
• Be involved in deciding what should and shouldn't be added.
• You can do whatever you want as long as no rules are broken

Are you looking for your newest adventure? Then you should join us!
We are a new server, striving to give you a memorable Minecraft experience.
Join Valhalla SMP Reborn today, where your new adventure awaits!

Valhalla SMP Reborn
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateFebruary 20, 2023
Last Pinged20 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.19.3
CountryEurope flag
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