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Varox is a non-pvp small community survival server all built and based on a fully custom map, with all new custom terrain and cave systems. This brings a new edge to survival Minecraft. For those wanting to check out our custom terrain before joining, we attached screenshots of the surrounding terrain of Varox, ranging from open fields to icy mountains and much more. We're always looking to push the limits of our custom map, and create a truly breath taking experience for all of our players. 

Varox runs on a dedicated server to ensure uptimes of 99% and very low latency even if you're from outside the EU. Here is a brief overview of our system specifications:

  • CPU: i7 8700k
  • RAM: 16GB of DDR4
  • STORAGE: All running on a 500GB Samsung 970 EVO

Our server offers many new features to allow players to enjoy the survival Minecraft experience in new and challenging ways. We want the game play experience to hold up to the same standard as our custom map. Some of these cool features range from Loot Crates that can be opened by earning keys in game, to completely custom Bosses that are hidden all around the world just waiting for you to stumble upon them.

With custom integrated support to our community discord you can link your Minecraft account to our Discord server. Donators can chat in the discord to people on our server, allowing for cross-communication, this is vice versa as players in the Minecraft chat can see and reply to the Discord users. You can join our Discord using the following link:

Come join Varox and experience this truly epic Minecraft survival experience for yourself at as we would love to have you in our community. Can't wait to see you there!

Varox Staff Team

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Registration DateDecember 04, 2018
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Version 1.13
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