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Join us for a fun experience you'll never forget!

This server offers many great features that players will enjoy for hours! Our goal is to provide a place you can rely on for Minecraft entertainment at its peak. With a player-based economy at the heart of our server, innovative gameplay, and a thriving community, you would be stupid not to join us! Whether you want to chill out and meet some new friends or make yourself known as the best on the server, you won't be disappointed.

Server Established: December 17th, 2017

» Features «

PvE Oriented Gameplay, with the ability to toggle PvP on or off

Grief Prevention to protect your builds

Custom Rank Ladder that unlocks perks as you progress through the server

Quests to challenge your skills and earn huge rewards

Player Jobs to earn a steady source of income

Chest shops and player warps

Custom Enchantments

Cash from mobs




And much more!

Venture Survival
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Venture Survival
Discord Link
Registration DateDecember 17, 2020
Last Pinged17 days ago
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Version 1.16.4
CategoriesPVPRoleplayBuild BattleNeed StaffSMPCreativeEconomyPVESurvivalMCMMO
CountryUnited States of America flag