Volantis 2.0

Volantis 2.0 ip: volantis.apexmc.co

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Volantis is a unique SMP experience. With a thriving player economy and lots of custom features there's always something to do!


Enjoy Completely Unlocked Slimefun, Custom Enchants, Jobs, Crates, Custom Drops, PvP Events, Building Competitions, Silk Touch Spawners and Much More!


New features are added all the time! Post your suggestions of things to add in our Discord & if enough players agree it will be added! We have a professional staff that can assist in any problem you may have, and we're continuing to seek more mature players to add to our staff team and player base.


Play without worrying: On Volantis we don't monitor swearing [except in excess]. Players are able to relax in voice chat on Discord and not worry about too serious Admins looming over their head. Our players are mature enough to not need constant supervision. Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/PhThyKm We currently have 100+ members and still growing! Stop by to join voice chat, or just to chat with those in text on the minecraft server.

Volantis 2.0
Server Information
Volantis 2.0 IPvolantis.apexmc.co
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/PhThyKm
Registration DateMarch 22, 2019
Last Pinged25 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13
CategoriesRoleplayKit PVPBuild BattleEconomyPVESurvivalMCMMOMedievalSemi VanillaFarming
CountryUnited States of America flag