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Waymaker Roleplay is an interactive RPG server inspired by the popular mechanics and races of traditional tabletop games, with a unique and original twist that'll strike inspiration into any enthusiastic roleplayer. Our goal is to provide an advanced form of roleplay for those of a higher skill level, encouraging our players to pursue personalized narrative goals and plotlines to affect the world around them, where their choices matter on a grander scale.

Welcome to Darroway, an Island long abandoned by its previous dwellers, leaving nothing more than an archived mess of ruins that was once a bustling city. Many attempts have been made to re-populate the area, but the foul grip of disease and rumored beasts have been wiping the settlers out left and right.
Now you, wherever you hail from, have the chance to help construct and grow this city with fellow settlers, building your own reputation, story-line, and relationships.
Some may seek out to abolish the flocks of monsters and others stay behind to heal wounded soldiers or feed the hungry campers who are hard at work, building and shining the city to restore it to it’s proper glory.
Where will you fit in? What will you accomplish? Find out by applying to our whitelist and creating your own, customized character today.

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Head over to our [Whitelist Application] page after creating your forums account. Whilst waiting for your application to be reviewed, you can read our lore and start creating your character by visiting our [Wiki]. Once you have familiarized yourself with our lore, you can find the character application template here: [Template]. Once you’ve written up your app, you can post it under the ‘Character Application’ section of our forums!

Server Information
WaymakerMC IPwaymakermc.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/m5xK8jM
Registration DateMarch 01, 2021
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Version 1.16.5
CountryUnited States of America flag